Whether you’ve been playing Crokinole for years or have never played before, it’s essential to understand the game’s rules. It is particularly true if you’re looking to learn how to play. There are a few things to remember, so let’s look at them.


Whether you are a seasoned crokinole player or just discovering this fun family game, it is essential to know the origins of Crokinole. It is a dexterity-based board game that was widely popular in Canada and the United States in the late 1800s.

The game originated in Ontario, Canada, in the late nineteenth century. Some people think that the game has roots in Mennonite communities. Others believe the game may have been developed in southern Asia or Europe.

The board for the game is usually a round wooden board with five points on it, arranged in three concentric rings. The game’s object is to flick discs from the outer edge of the board into the center hole. When a player lands a disc, they must contact the opposing player’s disc. The shot is considered a foul if the opponent fails to make contact. Two or four players can play the game.

Lubricating Powder

Using lubricating powder when playing crokinole boards is a controversial topic. While some purists may be opposed to its use, the fact is that it improves the glide of your disc.

The game’s primary goal is to shoot a disc toward the center of the playing field while avoiding being fouled. You’re given one at a time and must stay in the quadrant in which you’re shooting.

A shot is usually played with a finger, but you can use billiard-style finger cues. It will allow you to flick your disc across the playfield more accurately. The other option is to use a chess-style striker. Depending on the type of striker you choose, it can weigh anywhere from half to four times the weight of the piece.


Using your finger, flick a playing disc from the outer edge of the board onto the playfield. You must try to land the disc in the central hole or one of the four surrounding quadrants. The game is won with the highest points.

Each of the three concentric circles is worth five, ten, or fifteen points. The player with high points in the conclusion of the game wins.

Two or more players in teams play Crokinole. The goal is to land the discs in the highest-scoring region. It was created in Canada in the late 1800s.


Crokinole is played with four players. It’s more commonly played in teams of two. The first person to score 100 points wins the game. This is perfect for family game nights.

The rules of Crokinole have evolved over the past 150 years. They are based on the World Championship rules but also include the old traditional form of the game.

Each player begins with a set of twelve wooden disks. The discs are colored to match the color of the board. The goal is to knock the opposing player’s discs off the board. The player’s discs are then maneuvered towards the board’s central hole, attempting to land in high-scoring segments.

The board is usually round or octagonal. The outer edge of the board is divided into four quadrants, each worth five, ten, or fifteen points.

Using Cue Sticks

Crokinole may seem simple, but it can be tricky to use cue sticks to play Crokinole. You have to determine which board is right for you. Some boards are more significant than others. It would be preferable if you purchased a well-made board with an appealing design.

The board used for Crokinole is usually round. It is usually 26 inches in diameter. It is usually 26 inches in diameter. It is made of laminate, hardwood, or wood. The playing surface is typically polished or oiled.

Two teams of two players can play the game. Each player takes turns shooting discs onto the board. The goal is to knock the opponent’s discs away from the highest-scoring areas.

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