Sometimes, simple things in life carry more importance and are often overlooked. We put so much time and effort into choosing the right tiles for our bathroom, painting the walls, getting the right hardware and accessories, and trying everything to make it look perfect. But what if, after all these efforts, your bathroom doesn’t look as good as you wanted it to look? Maybe you overlooked small details like adding some lights, laying down a bath rug or the paint on your wood medicine cabinet. Maybe you painted your bathroom wall but forgot to match your medicine cabinet paint with the colour of the walls. And this one small detail took away the beauty you intended to achieve in your bathroom.

Let’s take some time out and figure out how to paint your wood medicine cabinets with mirrors to contribute to your bathroom’s overall aesthetics. In this article, you will explore the step-by-step guide of how to go through the steps of painting your medicine cabinet by choosing the right material and figuring out the right colour for your medicine cabinet. Using this guide you can paint the cabinets yourself. Painting your bathroom medicine cabinet will take some time, but it will be rewarding and truly transformative.

Choose The Right Colour

If you have a wood medicine cabinet installed in your bathroom, you must be someone who appreciates timeless beauty and a vintage charm in your bathroom. A wood medicine cabinet adds warmth to a space and gives character and background to the bathroom. Not just that, wood medicine cabinets come with practically larger spaces that can contribute greatly to storage and functionality. Also, if your wooden cabinet has a mirror, it can greatly impact the overall look, combining a traditional look with a whim of luxury.

When painting a wood medicine cabinet, you can either accentuate the existing colour theme of the wood, or you can completely change the colour based on your bathroom’s interior design. Either way, it is extremely important to choose a colour that won’t ruin the natural beauty of wood and would complement the bathroom design as well. Choose a high-grade latex paint or enamel, as it is durable and works great for moisture resistance. However, consider coating it with a gloss or semi-gloss finish; they make it easier to clean and maintain, all while preventing the humidity and moisture from seeping in and ruining the base.

Prepare To Paint

Before you start painting, gather all the necessary materials you will need to conduct a successful paint project. You will need a primer, sandpaper, painter’s tape, paint and paintbrush, and a cover to protect the area you will use to place the cabinet to paint. To paint thoroughly and easily, it is better to detach the medicine cabinet from the wall and empty it thoroughly. It will make it easier to manage and will allow you easy access to the nook and crannies of the cabinet. If you cannot detach the cabinet, you can use the painter tape to cover the areas you don’t want to paint and protect them from paint splashes. Use sandpaper to sand the wood surface, creating a smooth surface that is easy to paint and gives a finished look.

Before you apply the coat of paint, it is important to prime the surface you intend to paint. A primer allows to have a paint-ready surface and ensures a smooth finish of the paint. Apply a coat of primer to the areas you want to paint and let it completely dry before you proceed to paint. Choose a primer that is suitable for wood surfaces, or else it will ruin the entire look instead of giving a finished look.

Apply The Paint

Once the primer is dry, you can now apply the paint. Use high-quality paint for a great-looking paint and a high-quality paint brush for a smooth finish. This step will require more time and effort as you will need to apply more than one coat to give your wood cabinets the maximum coverage they need. Let one coat completely dry before applying the coat. Once you feel that the paint is completely coated, let it completely dry.

You can add creative touches with paint to give your cabinet a more personalized look. You can use stencils or decals to create borders or decorative elements on the cabinet. You can also experiment with contrasting colours to add a visual appeal to your cabinet. You can also play with creative ideas to enhance the overall look, like adding decorative knobs or handles on the cabinet door. You can add tiny LED lights as well that will add a modern look to your bathroom medicine cabinet and will contribute to the functionality as well. Just make sure that whatever you add should complement the overall look of your bathroom décor.


Painting your solid wood medicine cabinet can be a great way to give your bathroom the transformation it needs. Also, getting it done yourself can be highly cost-effective and a fun experience in which you can involve your family and friends for a more fun-filled experience, spending quality time together. This step-by-step guide will make it easy for you to follow the process and customize your bathroom medicine based on your needs and preferences. You can explore unlimited possibilities of transforming your space by doing the painting yourself. You can play with subtle hues or bold colours and add decorative elements that will complement the overall look of your bathroom. A simple paint job will greatly enhance the beauty of your wood medicine cabinet, and your bathroom will get the ultimate makeover at a fraction of the cost.

So, gear up for the transformation and prepare the tools and supplies. Your wood medicine cabinet is going to add a missing touch to your bathroom as this one detail of changing the cabinet colour will turn your bathroom space into the look you had in your mind.

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