Fortunate are those who live in a house with a backyard. They have the option of creating an oasis, an ideal mixture of nature and luxury. Still, luxury is not always a matter of price; It can be those ”small things” in life that bring us joy.

However, sometimes we lack motivation and overlook the things we are privileged with. For that reason, we created a list to inspire you to make your backyard a summer paradise.

Choose Cosy Yet Weather Resilient Patio Furniture

Given that you want your backyard to be a relaxing oasis during hot summer days, it is critical to equip it with comfortable and durable pieces of furniture. The market offers interesting variants, like this modern teak outdoor furniture, so finding a combination that suits your budget and needs should not be tricky.

Aside from chairs and a coffee table, consider purchasing a hammock to add a bit of a boho style and create a space for afternoon naps. Another popular element of every modern backyard is a fire pit. You can place it in the centre and build the rest of the surrounding scenery.

Don’t forget about details; they add warmth and make the space look more intimate and personal. For instance, throw pillows and cushions are perfect additions to any backyard design scheme. Just choose UV-resistant and waterproof fabrics.

Remember, backyard remodelling can be an affordable endeavour. A bit of time and creativity is all you need. Rather than buying new things, look around the house; you might have old dining chairs and a table. Instead of throwing them away, apply a fresh coat of paint, and your patio furniture is ready to enrich your outdoor paradise’s aesthetics.

Create Shady Corners

As summer temperatures grow annually, those eager to spend as much time as possible in their backyards must create shady spots to ensure an enjoyable experience. But, of course, what backyard shade idea you’ll bring into reality will depend, as with the patio furniture, on your budget and time.

You can plant shade-providing trees, such as Coastal banksia, Queensland bottle trees, or jacarandas. Although trees take time to grow, it is a long-term and probably the most attractive option. You can also build a pergola (with vines) or install a shade sail. A summer house may be a fit for your backyard, they are octagonal and perfect for those days you want to be out in your back garden and just relax as the sun beats down without having to be directly in the sun.

The alternative to the permanent options are awnings and portable umbrellas. These temporary solutions, especially umbrellas, are ideal as you can move them around the backyard and buy new ones every summer.

Install A Pool

If you’re lucky to have ample space outside of your property, it might be time to install your own pool. After all, nothing says “paradise” more than an afternoon spent in (or beside) a cool pool you have free reign over!

When you decide to build a pool on your property, be sure to contract with an expert pool contractor such as Whether you’re opting for a simple pool big enough for you alone, or a luxury custom pool with water features and hardscaping that compliments the structure, expert pool builders will be able to design your new aquatic space just how you like it.

Though installing a pool may seem like a big initial investment, this can offer you a high return on investment (ROI), especially in areas with many months of hot weather, should you choose to sell your home in the future. 

Enrich The Atmosphere With Proper Lighting

A few things make summer nights more pleasing and romantic, say, twinkling lights in your backyard. Lighting is as essential as any other element mentioned in the text to ensure your summer outdoor oasis looks magical.

We suppose you have a porch light. That can be enough, but consider adding floor lamps and various table lamps as these can add to the summer night atmosphere. But don’t forget that safety is a priority, so include some sensors or smart lights you can control with your smartphone.

Think About Privacy

Even if you get along with your neighbours, consider them friends, and plan to invite them to your backyard summer gatherings, you still want your paradise to exude privacy.

Various options are at your disposal. You can install fences or garden walls; pergolas are also great. Additional and affordable solutions are outdoor curtains. Aside from protecting your privacy, they also add to the garden’s looks.

Dedicate Some Time To Landscaping

You can purchase the most Pinterest-like patio furniture and install expensive lighting, but if your landscaping is messy, it will degrade the entire picture. That’s why landscaping is one of the first things to take care of and update when preparing your backyard for summer.

Mow the lawn and learn the best tricks to maintain it during the summer. Plant flowers, but don’t forget to eliminate any unwanted guests, such as weeds.

Build An Outdoor Kitchen

A couple of things are essential for this project. First, you need a quality grill sourced from (or a similar supplier in your area) and a countertop to make it easier to prepare food. Next is a fridge to ensure your food and beverages stay fresh and cold and a sink to clean everything up at the end.

A couple of things are essential for this project. First, you need a grill and a countertop to make it easier to prepare food. Next is a fridge to ensure your food and beverages stay fresh and cold and a sink to clean everything up at the end.

Finally, if you like baking and want to upgrade your outdoor culinary experience, a gas oven can be what you need to complete your backyard kitchen.

We all have a different perception of what an ideal backyard should look like. Still, we hope our text encourages you to make that first step, go outside, look at and perhaps remodel your backyard, converting it into your heaven on earth.

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