One of the biggest innovations in cannabis marketing has been the explosion of colorful and fun-shaped custom mylar bags, especially cannabis mylar bags. If you’re in the cannabis business, you don’t want to fall behind the competition and sell your product in packaging that is boring and ordinary. The goal is to create things that will get you repeat business. That means crafting ones that will make people remember you and come back for more. Here is the thought process that you should go through to do just that:

What Is Your Audience? 

You need to know what kind of people will be buying your product. People of all walks of life like to buy cannabis, so you want to craft something that shows what it’s for but doesn’t cater to a specific stereotype. People who use it for medicinal purposes wouldn’t want something that is geared toward those who like to overindulge, for example. Think broadly, not niche based.

What Kind Of Artwork Should You Use? 

You want to have something that’s visually appealing. Talk with various people and see what they think. This might be a good time for a group approach. Brainstorm and come up with a variety of images and then have them digitally inserted onto an image of your mylar bag. Then you can come to a consensus about what you like.

What Kind Of Packaging Should You Use?

Think about some items that you yourself recently bought. Were you able to instantly tell what the brand was just by what was on the packaging? You want people to have that same instinctive recognition when they see your mylar bags. That’s going to help your sales over the course of the years.

How Can You Make It Look Professional? 

Your goal is to have a sustainable business model. Part of that is by having something that will make it clear that you are serious about your company – mylar bags that have more than just a logo on it. You can include things like a listing of contents, a customer service number, and even the weight. This is another excellent way to make yourself stand out from others in the cannabis market.

How Can You Tap Emotions? 

When you or your customer holds your bag, you want to have them connect it with good memories. See how you can have your branding create that kind of emotional connection for your customers. It might be a particular color, it could be an image. See what people are saying when they buy something of yours — or you could tie it in with a story of your own, like how you came to start your company and why you chose an image. That way, they can also empathize with you.

There are a lot of things that go into creating mylar bags. You also want to make sure that the bags are high-quality, since you don’t want customers to have them fall apart at the worst time. Also, if you have certain colors for your brand, then you want those bags to also complement the brand – don’t pick ones that are so different that it will confuse your potential buyers. These high-quality bags can also be biodegradable or compostable — you can also say that you’re helping the environment! Finally, you can also decide on die cut or have a custom shaped bag — that one is your choice.

If you go through that thought process, you’ll increase your chances of having a successful business. It’s only part of the whole picture though – you need to make sure you have quality products and that you provide excellent customer service. Work to make sure that you stand out from your competitors. Yes, you might also have to rely on some luck. Having good mylar bags can give you an edge.

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