Are you ready to hit the road this summer?

But the real question is – is your car ready to face the scorching summer heat?

California summers can be downright unpleasant, especially for people behind the wheel. So, as temperatures soar, you need to keep your car cool and comfortable for your journeys. And that is possible with a few valuable car tips for summer.

But before you hit the rid, be sure your care is in excellent condition. If you fear your vehicle is defective, speak with a lemon lawyer in California immediately. The Lemon law in California protects consumers and provides legal remedies if you end up with a defective car.

However, if your car is in top shape, you can go ahead with the following practical car tips for summer.

1. Park In Shade

Yes, this is one of the most obvious car tips for summer. But it is the easiest way to keep your car cool on a hot day, especially if you are going to park it for more than 10 minutes. Usually, the temperature inside the car can be considerably higher (as much as 40°F) than outside, especially on a hot day.

So, try to find a shaded parking spot, even if it means walking a bit further or paying extra for covered parking. You will have a pleasant ride home when you get back into your car.

2. Use A Car Windshield Shade

One of the simple yet effective car tips for summer includes using a car windscreen sunshade. This will keep the interior cooler by preventing heat buildup and blocking direct sunlight. By using a sunshade, you won’t have to spend as much money on air conditioning. Additionally, its foldable or collapsible design makes sunshade convenient to use in different vehicles or parking spots.

3. Use Window Shades

Window shades, also known as window visors or deflectors, act as a formidable barrier, blocking direct sunlight from invading your car’s interior. You can feel the instant relief as you step into a cool, shaded haven.

But it’s not just about comfort; it’s also about safeguarding what matters most. With window visors, you can shield your loved ones, especially children and furry friends, from harmful and damaging UV rays. It is one of the car tips for summer that you can quickly implement.

4. Get Your Windows Tinted

Our next car tip for summer is to get your windows tinted. You need tinted windows if you frequently park your car in the sun. A well-tined window can be nearly four times as effective as a window shade. It will lower the temperature inside your car and protect you and the passengers from harmful UV rays.

But make sure you understand the regulations. In California, car owners are allowed to get only the top four inches of their windows tinted. Moreover, front side windows must have at least 70% light transmission. However, back side windows and rear windows can have any tint darkness. That being said, having metallic window tinting done by experts near you, even if only partially, can help to reflect the suns rays off the windows and prevent the inside of the car from being heated up so much.

5. Cover Your Steering Wheel

Whether or not you use a sunshade, it is best to cover your steering wheel with a hand towel. Remember, vinyl tends to flare up when exposed to direct sunlight. Covering your steering wheel prevents your hands from directly contacting the scalding surface, reducing the risk of burns and discomfort.

6. Cover Your Dash

Just like your steering wheel, you should also cover your dash with a towel or a fabric. Or, you can get it upholstered. This simple car tip for summer can go a long way in keeping your car’s interior cool. Covering your dash can also protect sensitive vinyl, which may fade or crack when exposed to sunlight.

7. Use Seat Covers

Another practical car tip for summer is to use seat covers. You probably know that car seats, especially vinyl or leather seats, can get hot enough to cause burns. You can use throw blankets or seat covers to keep those seats cool during the hot summer.

8. Get Your Air Conditioning Serviced

Despite implementing these car tips for summer; you may still need to use air conditioning to fight off the heat. Getting your air conditioning serviced ensures that it operates at its full potential.

In other words, you can stay comfortable and beat the heat without overburdening your air conditioning. Besides, regular servicing helps maintain clean and fresh air inside your car. And a well-serviced air conditioning system consumes less energy and improves fuel efficiency.

9. Keep Your Belongings In Shade

Like most car owners, you may have delicate possessions like tapes, CDs, phone chargers, and other items in your car. Try storing these items underneath your seats to protect them from direct sunlight. If that’s not an option, consider putting them in the trunk or throwing a blanket over them.

10. Leave The Doors Open Before Getting In

After finishing your chores, you might be eager to jump into your car and drive home. But that would be a mistake! Before jumping into the car, keep the doors open for at least five minutes. It can also help to turn your air conditioning on before rolling up your windows. This will help let the hot air out, making your journey more comfortable.

Wrap Up

Whether you want to pick up groceries or go to the office, you will need to drive your car in the scorching summer heat. And implementing these essential car tips for summer will help you beat the heat and ensure a comfortable driving experience. From using covering your dash and using window shades to maintaining your air conditioning system, these simple measures can make a huge difference. Feel free to use these tips. Stay comfortable, enjoy the journey, and make the most of the sunny season with a well-prepared and refreshed vehicle.

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