When you’re building a brand for your business, your first thought is probably about the logo. But your brand can be so much more than an aesthetic. Your brand can tell the story of your business and build a connection with your audience. It should be the visual representation of what your business stands for. So here is how you can incorporate storytelling into your brand. 

What Is Brand Storytelling?

Brand storytelling is the narrative that creates an emotional connection with people, while showcasing your business values. It’s the story that stays stuck in customers’ heads. The overall who, what, where, when, and why of your business. 

In the digital age, it’s not enough to present the straightforward facts of your business to your customers. They need to feel connected to your business. This connection is what brand storytelling fosters between your business and people. Let’s continue to figure out how to craft the perfect story for your brand. 

Brainstorm With Experts 

You don’t have to tell your brand’s story alone. To ensure you create a cohesive narrative for your brand, start by talking to the experts. Agencies like Anyday specialize in brand strategy and will work with you on building your story from scratch. Bring your business and storytelling goals to Anyday, and work with experts to craft a story that you’ll want to build out for years to come. It never hurts to brainstorm with professionals to ensure you are taking the right steps to tell your brand’s story. 

Create The Narrative 

Storytelling for your brand won’t happen overnight. Like any good story, you need to build a world for people to follow. The world of your brand can incorporate narrative techniques like characters, conflicts, and resolutions. 

Think of some of your favorite brand advertisements. Do they have a character or mascot you’re rooting for? Do they have stories that you want to follow to the end? 

These ads incorporate narrative techniques that keep people interested and wanting to know more about the brand. Creating a narrative gives people something tangible to build an emotional connection. Strong brand storytelling keeps people around waiting to see what happens in the next chapter. 

Showcase Your Story Authentically 

The story of your brand must be authentic. People can tell when you are lying or advertising something that doesn’t quite fit with your brand identity. Instead of coming up with a story that is too over the top, stay true to your business. 

You can create an authentic story that starts small and develops over time. To help get you started, think about the values of your business and brand. You’ll want to reflect your values in your storytelling and can even come up with narratives based on these values.

Add Personality 

No one likes to read a boring story. Using brand storytelling is your opportunity to show the world the personality of your business. Think about the people that work for your company and their personalities. Can you incorporate what it’s like to work with your business into the personality of your brand? Do you have a character with a particular personality you want to flesh out in your narrative? If the answer is yes, use those traits in your brand storytelling. 

Let Your Audience Write A Page 

Your business’s story isn’t complete without your audience. Your audience plays an important part in the direction your brand will go. To build strong brand storytelling, listen to what your audience wants. Figure out what character they play and what they will take with them when they finish the story. 

Your business isn’t just selling a product or service, but an experience. And your audience will tell you what experience they are looking for in the story of your brand on social media and beyond. 

Be sure to check the comments on your social media posts and advertisements. You can also read through reviews on your website. See what people are saying. You can incorporate the customer experience into your brand storytelling and foster a deeper connection with your audience. 


Brand storytelling fosters a connection with your audience. Your customers and clients will be more inclined to work with you if they understand your story. Think about your favorite brands and why you follow them. Do you feel connected to their story? Do you want to read on to the next chapter? These are the feelings you can convey in your own storytelling to create a brand that people will be excited to follow.

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