Philadelphia is home to many RAM truck dealerships. RAM trucks are a popular selection for a new auto purchase in Philadelphia.

According to reports, Philly’s rate of car ownership is 1.05 per household.

If you’re looking to buy a RAM truck in the Philadelphia area, then you must keep your eyes open when shopping online. Here is some information on identifying if new RAM truck listings in Philadelphia are authentic or not.

1. Price

The price of a vehicle needs to be attractive enough for you to pay attention. If a price looks too good to be true, it probably is. When you see a new RAM truck listing in Philadelphia that looks like a steal, the chances are that this unique offer isn’t limited time or exclusive. It’s another online scam.

2. Photos & Videos

According to reports, people employed in Philadelphia’s business and financial sectors own a vehicle.

Having photos of a truck you’re looking to buy is always better than just having the details. If the listing for a new RAM has photos, take a close look at them. A scam article would have low-quality images taken by an average camera. The best way to check if they are real or not is to check if they match the information given.

3. Address & Phone Number

If you do not see an authorized dealer’s physical address or phone number for RAM trucks in Philadelphia, it’s often a sign that the listing is fake. Real Philly RAM dealers are required by law to have these details visible on their websites. If you find a website that doesn’t have this information, it’s time to be high alert. In this case, you must know if it is worth the risk of buying from a dealer you cannot contact.

When looking for new RAM truck listings in Philadelphia, look at their website ‘About Us’ section. Check if they have a physical address and phone number. If you see more than one of these types of data given, it’s another sign that the site is not what it claims to be.

There are several fake websites out there looking to make a quick buck. Many actual dealerships in Philadelphia have tons of RAM trucks for sale.

4. Check License

When you have found a dealership in Philadelphia that sells RAM trucks, check for their license number. It is very easy to do with an online search. Your goal is to ensure the dealership has the required license to sell new cars.

If they don’t, it’s another red flag telling you this may not be what it appears to be. In this case, do your research and make sure you are buying from a reputable dealership. It will be worth the extra time to get peace of mind.

5. Check The Vehicle’s VIN

After identifying that the RAM truck dealership in Philadelphia is honest, use your phone to scan the vehicle’s VIN.

Make sure the number matches what you’re looking at on-screen. If it does not, this could mean that a scammer has made changes and added an incorrect VIN to their ad online.

Don’t take this lightly. Fraudulent deals can ruin people’s lives and damage credit scores.

6. Contact The Sales Team

You must ensure to contact the sales team at the RAM truck dealership of your choice. They should answer all your questions about buying a new RAM truck in Philadelphia. Do not settle for one phone call or email, either. Try more than one method of outreach before officially purchasing.

When contacting the sales team, breathe easy and be friendly. Genuine Philly RAM dealers would love to work with you and close a sale.

7. Check Vehicle Title

Ask for a copy of the vehicle title and review it thoroughly. Make sure all of the information on this document matches up with what you’ve seen online.

Remember that you should walk away if the dealership has one mistake. Never sign any paperwork or make a payment until you double-check everything.

8. Get A Vehicle History Report

One way to check whether a RAM pickup is a lemon or not is to have it inspected by a mechanic.

Ask the dealership for a vehicle history report before making a purchase. It shows you what may have been wrong with the truck in the past and how much repairs cost.

If you find any problems with a specific RAM, steer clear of it. Your goal is to buy a new car with no defects or damages.

9. Look For Complaints Online

Check for complaints about the RAM dealership in Philadelphia on social media. It will tell you what other people have experienced while purchasing from them in the past.

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