When it comes to spiders, the UK doesn’t have it quite as bad as some counties (Australia), but that doesn’t mean they should be able to nest inside our homes. To some people, the sight of one spider is enough to make their skin crawl and send them into a panic, so imagine what would happen if an entire army of eight-legged beasts burst out from under the bathtub? Below, we’ll tell you what signs to look for and how to deal with a spider nest in your home.

Spider Webs

Every person will come across the odd spider web in their home and they’re easy to pull down with a feather duster, but when do they become a concern? Every spider spins a unique web, but all of the evidence of nesting will look like white silk balls, which contain spider eggs. If you see them around your home, the best thing to do is get the vacuum cleaner out and then discard the dust bag.

The Dark & Damp

Spiders like to set up home in quiet and dark spaces, which is why they tend to be in corners. As well as this, spiders are attracted to damp areas, which is why your basement or garden shed can become the perfect destination.

Even if you don’t have a basement or shed, the outside of your home can get pretty damp, and spiders will love to keep dry in brickwork cracks. Therefore, you should check external walls for spiders as well. When it comes to clearing webs away from brickwork, it is best to use a pressure washer or brush with strong bristles.

Into The Cracks

Even though spiders are typically associated with spider webs, some of them prefer to live in burrows, which means you’ll need to check all of the small cracks in and around your home. In particular, you should check the attic once in a while, as the undisturbed and dark location is perfect for spiders to nest.

Search For Food

Your home is ideal for spiders because they’re safe from predators outside, but they have a monopoly over flies that wander into their nests. Therefore, if you see signs of eaten flies, ants or woodlice, there’s a high chance you’ve got a nest lurking about.

Dealing With Spider Infestations

If you find spider webs in your home, it is best to clear them up. When you see the spider, scoop them up using an upturned glass and a piece of paper, and release them away from your home. If the spider infestation has become overwhelming, then call Advance Pest Control Bristol, who will most likely use a liquid or powdered pesticide that will penetrate small spaces.

Spiders will enter your home every year, so the best you can do is keep an eye out for the signs and clean them up as you go. However, if their numbers become too much, there’s no harm in bringing in the professionals.

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