Dog bites can be a scary situation, but you have the right to stand up for yourself and pursue a legal course of action. However, you must not just take all kinds of advice that comes your way. Before filing a dog bite lawsuit or speaking with someone about your case, make sure that you understand what you are doing.

According to reports, 60.6 percent of Pennsylvania, the capital of Philadelphia, households own a pet. If a dog bites you, dog bite attorneys in Philadelphia can help you.

Here are the steps to file a legal case for your dog bite.

Gather All Documentation

The first step to making a legal case for your dog bite is getting all the documentation that you can. It means gathering medical records, any photographs of the injury, keeping videos of interactions with the owner if available, and taking down names and contact information for anyone who interacted with the dog.

In many cases, owners will want to make a case against you to avoid paying for the medical bills from the injury. In other cases, they may point fingers at you and claim that this happened is your fault. Proving that the dog has shown aggressive behavior is vital in showing baseless claims. You can claim insurance too. According to reports, 82 percent of the population had health insurance in Philadelphia in 2014.

Do Not Accept Any Settlement Offers

A settlement offer is not legally binding. The other party can change their mind at any time, and if they do, you will lose the ability to make a case against them.

It would be great if you never accept an early settlement offer, especially not one that asks for anything in exchange other than agreeing to settle. Keep in mind that this is between you and the person who owns the dog, not you and their insurance company.

Attend All The Meetings

It will be beneficial to attend a mediation session with the dog’s owner in many medical cases. In other situations, you may need to go to court before a judge once it becomes necessary for you to file an order of protection.

Do Not Discuss The Case With Anyone Besides Your Attorney

While you would love to discuss your case with people close to you, you should resist the urge. Keeping quiet and secretive will allow you to retain certain information confidential and ensure no chance of any legal privilege violations. Besides, you are not legally allowed to discuss the case with anyone. This is an effective way to ensure that you do not accidentally say anything incriminating.

Be Sure Not To Make Excuses

No matter how tempted clients may be, never make excuses or false accusations for what happened or why. At best, this will only create additional problems for you. At worst, it can be used against you by either the people suing you or the judge hearing your case.

Do Not Admit That You Were Negligent

Never admit that you were negligent in any way. A claim like this will only create problems for your case and not help you with anything. If you ever need to explain anything, feel free to talk to your attorney about it.


If you have been attacked by a pet and are considering legal options, talking with experienced dog bite attorneys in Philadelphia can help.

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