Most of a homeowner’s time is spent looking for ways to stay one step ahead of serious repair issues. As summer approaches, severe storms will start to become more common. These storms are capable of producing winds that can do a lot of damage to your home. Your roof is one of the main areas these severe storms can affect.

Instead of waiting until damage occurs, you need to work on getting your roof ready for summer storms now. Here are some things you can do to protect your roof from severe storms.

Have A Professional Roof Inspection Conducted

If you want to get a true assessment of your roof, then having a professional inspection performed is a wise move. These professionals will be able to inspect every part of your roof to see how well it is holding up. During this inspection, a Warren residential roofing professional will check the condition of your shingles, roof flashing and gutter system.

In some cases, this inspection may uncover problems that need to be fixed right away. By fixing roofing problems early on, you can limit the damage they do to your home. Due to the complex and dangerous nature of roof inspections, it is best to leave this work to the professionals. The money paid for this professional inspection will be worth it due to the problems it can help you uncover.

Inspect The Trees Around Your Home

Every year, over $136 billion worth of storm damage occurs in the United States. One of the main causes of storm damage is falling tree limbs. If the limbs that hang over the top of a home collapse, they can puncture holes in the roof and cause lots of other problems. This is why you need to work on getting your trees trimmed by professionals before storm season arrives.

An experienced tree service will have no problem removing these overgrown limbs. Trying to do this work on your own is extremely dangerous. This is why entrusting professionals to handle this difficult job is so important. Before you hire a company to do this work, be sure to get a few onsite quotes. These quotes will help you get the best deal on the tree trimming services you need.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Clean

When summer storms move into your area, they will dump a lot of rain. It is up to your gutter system to make sure this rain is moved off of your roof and away from your home’s foundation. If your gutter system is filled with leaves and sticks, proper drainage will start to become an issue. Rather than flooding your roof and foundation, you need to get your gutter system cleaned immediately.

A roofing contractor should have no problem getting this work done for you. By cleaning your gutters regularly, you can keep water draining and avoid damage to your home.

Remove Potential Projectiles From Your Yard

If a storm contains high winds, items around your home that aren’t anchored down can quickly become dangerous projectiles. Removing things like lawn furniture or unsecured outdoor décor items from your lawn before a storm arrives is a good idea. By getting rid of these potential hazards, you can limit the damage a storm does to your home. Removing these items will also help you keep them safe and damage-free.

By putting the tips in this article into action, you can protect your roof from severe storms. If your roof is damaged by a storm, calling in professionals to diagnose and fix these problems is important.

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