Evaluating auto transport companies is crucial for discovering reliable and professional firms. Finding a great service provider can be challenging as the automotive transportation sector is highly competitive. However, substantial research is required, so you must be prepared to invest significant time in comparing different services from different companies to choose the best. There are a few factors that you can rely on when evaluating auto transport companies, and they are detailed below.


Cars are a great investment, and you’d want your car to be secured while in transit by the company you consider. When choosing a Connecticut to Florida auto transport company, you should find out if they have a car carrier’s insurance policy that covers damages incurred during transit when the vehicle is loaded or unloaded. Therefore, you should ask your potential auto transport companies about their liability insurance coverage details that guarantee the car’s safety during shipping.

License Status

Confirming the license status of a company is essential before considering a company, as it’s illegal to work with unlicensed companies. Checking the accompanying legal information will help you identify the auto transport license number and ensure the company follows the safety guidelines set aside by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). To authenticate the company’s licensing information, you can check the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) number and MC number on their website and compare them with the numbers on the FMCSA website. You should also not trust companies with “not authorized” results after comparison, since they may not be convenient.


When evaluating a great auto transport company, you should consider a reputable one among the customers, experts, and even their competitors. You can head to the potential companies’ websites and read through the reviews of the previous customer’s feedback about the service. If the reviews are positive, you can consider the company. If the reviews are negative, you can eliminate companies and narrow down the options until you find a company with a great reputation. Most companies showcase customer feedback on their website, Facebook, Google reviews, and BBB.


When researching the best auto transport companies, you should determine one that is cost-effective and fits your budget. You can compare companies to find an affordable company, but you should be aware of the companies offering cheap services as you can be inconvenienced. You can use the car shipping cost estimator to get an insight into the auto transport vehicle costs. It’s a free calculator that estimates costs depending on the car details you provide. For example, vehicle size and pickup and drop-off locations during the transport process. Car shipping is a complex process that requires planning, and it can’t be offered at a low price, which is suspicious.

Tracking Process

While shipping your car, you might get increasingly worried about where it is, the estimated time for its arrival, and if the driver will stop during the journey. Most auto transport companies offer GPS services so that clients can track the updates of the shipment process. Most companies are not advanced in this technology, and they provide you with the driver’s contact to stay up to date. When searching for an auto transport company, ensure the company you consider has advanced technology to track the shipment safely in the comfort of your home.

When looking for auto transport companies, take your time and don’t make decisions based on pricing, although it’s an important factor. If you follow the above tips during the evaluation of auto transport companies, you’ll find a great service provider who will save you money, time, and energy from having to get it there yourself.

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