One of the most difficult body types to dress is the inverted triangle shape. It is distinguished by having a much wider upper part than the lower part so that the shoulders and hips are completely disproportionate, furthermore, it is not a silhouette with many marked curves.

Now, if we know how to choose the most appropriate garments and we opt for those designs that help to enhance the hips and, on the contrary, hide the width of the shoulders and the back, it will be very easy to see ourselves favored and with incredible looks with satin lace trim cami.

Keep reading this article to discover everything you need to know about how to dress if I have an inverted triangle body.

How Is The Inverted Triangle Body?

Inverted Triangle BodyThe inverted triangle body has the shape of a “V”, that is, it is characterized by having much broader shoulders than the hips and poorly defined curves. Next, we detail what are all the distinctive features of this body type so that you know how to identify it:

  • Broad shoulders and back.
  • Straight trunk.
  • Medium or wide bust, although this is not always the case.
  • Poorly defined waist.
  • Narrow hips and buttocks.
  • Thin legs.

This type of body usually accumulates fat in the upper part of the trunk, in parts such as the abdomen, arms, and bust, and can be one of the most complicated to dress, since the objective must be to hide the width of the shoulders, create curves and make the hips and butt look fuller. Many gymnasts and athletes have an inverted triangle body, as well as celebrities and celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Demi Moore.

Blouses, T-shirts, & Jackets For The Inverted Triangle Body

Halter neck backless top garments for inverted triangle bodies should be straight and simple lines, especially in the shoulder area, and not too tight to the body. Keep in mind that the purpose is to divert attention from the widest part, which is the shoulders, and add volume to the hip area. She prefers flowy blouses, tops, and shirts, with V-necklines or “V” necklines, both front and back, and those that are crossed.

As for the sleeves of the upper garments, the ones that will suit you best are the raglan and the Japanese or kimono. It is important that if you are going to wear tank tops, choose those with thicker straps, as ultra-thin straps will further accentuate the width of the shoulders.

Dark colors and plain designs are, without a doubt, the ones that will favor you the most, managing to divert attention from the upper part of the trunk and attracting it to other areas of your figure.

In addition, you must choose very well the model of jacket that you are going to buy, as this garment can give you volume in an inappropriate area and accentuate the “V” shape of your body. The best option is jackets that reach the hips, but precisely to the widest part of them. For example, the trendy peplums are perfect for giving more shape to the narrow hips of an inverted triangle body.

How Is The Inverted Triangle BodyBoyfriend, Flared & Pleated Pants

If you choose them well, pants can be your best allies to hide the prominence of the upper body and, on the contrary, visually show off more balanced and voluminous hips and buttocks. Take note of which are the perfect models for you, you will see how you look spectacular with them:

Boyfriend jeans: these jeans are very fashionable, they are masculine, baggy, and wide. They are perfect for women with this body type precisely, for this reason, they are wide-legged, ideal for adding volume to the lower part and concealing the thinness of the legs.

You can choose them with rips, rips, pockets…, and you will be perfectly adapted to the latest trends. If you don’t know very well how to take advantage of them, we advise you to consult our article How to combine boyfriend jeans.

Flared pants: flared pants, also known as elephant legs, are another of your best options when it comes to dressing, as they will visually lengthen your legs and give more volume to that part of the figure.

Pleated pants: for those days when you need to be more dressed up or show off a formal and elegant look, nothing better than pleated pants to get a little more width in the legs. Likewise, the Capri type or pirate pants that end below the calf or above the ankle, are also perfect for your silhouette.

Skater Skirts, Maxi Skirts, & Flared Dresses

Do you like to wear a wrap tie crop top with skirts and look super feminine looks? So, we advise you to bet on those skater type, which is tight at the waist but that open and fall creating flight at the bottom. Therefore, they are excellent for balancing the proportions of your body and hiding the narrowness of the hips. In short, all skirts flared, pleated, with tables or pockets can look great on you.

And if, in addition, you love light maxi skirts, you can also get a good number of them, as they provide a lot of movement, make the waist smaller, and give prominence to the hips. It is a garment that is very fashionable and that you can find in many colors, although the ones that can best suit you are bright and summery tones, such as corals, oranges, salmon, yellows, aqua greens, etc.

Accessories & Footwear

If you want to complete your outfits with accessories and give them a little more life and originality, we recommend that you choose thin and elongated necklaces so as not to make the width of the shoulders more visible, as well as earrings that are medium or large so that they are in balance with the upper part of the trunk.

Spectacular high-heeled shoes can help you stylize your silhouette and show off much longer legs. Avoid those models of ankle boots or shoes that are held at the ankle, because on the contrary, they will reduce your height.

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