Aluminium door prices are determined by a lot of factors including the shape and size of the door as well as the chosen aluminium profile and door glazing type. At Betaview, the cost of Aluminium doors in Sydney is also affected by adding any of the accessories available.

  • Aluminium Door Colors: Aluminium doors are anodized or powder coated. The cost increases depending on the selected color and the configuration of the color. Dual colors have high prices.
  • Aluminium Door Glass: If you want aluminium doors with glass, the cost rises. This depends on the type of glass chosen.
  • Hardware Accessories: Any additional facilities increase the total price of aluminium doors. They include door closer, security handle, pull handle, and others.

Aluminium Door Measurements In The Price Calculator

In order to calculate the price of the selected aluminium doors, you have to enter the following.

  • Measurements In Millimeters (Width And Height): Limitations for width and height are given below the input boxes. After entering the needed aluminium door measurements, you will see the cost of a standard aluminium door of your choice. Later you may change the specifications of the chosen aluminium doors by using various options in the price calculator and see the difference in price.

Importance Of Accurate Aluminium Door Measurements

Aluminium door measurements must be carefully taken. Prior to ordering new doors, it is necessary to measure accurately the width and height of the opening of the door. It is also necessary to see if the angles of the opening are all 90°. If the new aluminium door is very large or very small for the existing opening, this may harm its sound and heat insulation properties. The aluminium door manufacturing may undergo equal pressure and may fail eventually. Even if you select the best available aluminium doors but don’t know how to measure them correctly, their benefits cannot be enjoyed fully. You should take into consideration the given aspects.

  • Note the size limitations for aluminium door width and height and try not to get very close. If the measurements of the desired aluminium doors are near the maximum dimensions, it is suggested to see alternative aluminium door options. This way you may avoid the problems in the future.
  • Choose the right size of gaps around aluminium doors.
  • Be sure that there is a safe method to bring the aluminium doors of your selected size to the opening of the door. (whether the doors will fit through the interior doors and entrance door ).


Only when the door measurements are correctly taken, will you be sure that the doors are durable, offer the best sound and heat insulation, prevent burglaries, etc, in the signed agreement format the client has to specify the exact amount and measurements of the doors and their accessories that he wants to buy, also to indicate whether the doors are to be put by the staff or individually, the recommended installation method, if there is, and other aluminium doors finish if the client orders it.

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