Whether you are on a mission to do your bit for the world or you are tired of giving an extravagant amount of money to your energy providers, creating an energy efficient home is the way to go. Using less energy at home is simple if you make a few home improvements. This can include insulating your walls, investing in double glazed windows and using water-saving products. Here are a few ways you can save energy at home.

Insulate Your Home

Do you find yourself cranking up the heating at home in the winter and turning on all the fans in the summer? If so, insulating your home is the ideal solution to your temperature-related problems. Installing insulation can help you maintain a good temperature all year round. It can also reduce the necessity to use more energy, which in turn reduces your carbon emissions. You can retain heat by filling your walls with cavity insulation and insulating your floor and roof. An easy and inexpensive first step is to insulate your water tank, pipes and radiators. A hot water cylinder jacket is an easy way to prevent excess heat loss for your hot water tank, while exposed pipes can be wrapped up in foam tubing. Radiator reflector panels prevent heat from a radiator escaping through external walls.

Invest In Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows, such as double and triple glazed units, can help reduce your carbon footprint, stop noise pollution from entering your home and they also help keep out the cold. Investing in efficient windows can help you feel cozier and more comfortable at home as you won’t feel cold spots and draughts. Although double and triple glazed windows can cost a small fortune, in the long run you will save money in terms of energy costs. Not to mention, with a bit of expertise and know-how, you can cut out the middleman and fit them yourself. DIYers need to be aware that this is an incredibly skilled job that could have serious consequences if done improperly. After a DIY fit, windows need to be inspected to ensure they meet building regulations. If you have the skills to go ahead with this home improvement, then make sure you take precautions when working at height. Easi-Dec is an established company who offer innovative solutions to people who perform jobs at height. They can help you stay safe as you install your efficient windows.

Get Cozy This Winter

A well-insulated home will no longer need to be heated excessively with central heating, space heaters and the like. However, during the winter months it can still be tempting to keep the radiator on to beat the cold. Instead of wasting energy, why not get cozy with extra blankets, snuggly pajamas and hot water bottles instead? You may find that additional layers are all you need to stay warm.

Take Efficient Showers

Most people know that taking a bath often wastes a lot more water than showering, but did you know that an eco-friendly shower head can help you become even more efficient? Eco shower heads control the water flow rate and can help you reduce the amount of water you use.

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