Are you wondering about creating a kickassanime application? If yes, you have come to the right place. Here, we’ll tell you how to create a kick ass anime application like Monimo.

Back in the old days, anime had limited VHS (video home system) releases, and there were no stores that allocated floor space to it. Today, you can see anime DVDs or series sitting the racks next to the latest Hollywood releases.

This animation has left a great influence on western cartoons, cinema, and even fashion designs. In fact, it has become one of the most boundary-pushing genres in the visual arts.

Thus, anime is no longer a niche culture; it has become mainstream! With the boom in the live streaming platforms, the audiences for this Japanese animation are ever-expanding across the globe. There is nothing like sitting down to watch bright colors, frantic action, drama, and comedy that only anime can provide!

Furthermore, in this modern age of online streaming apps, there is no limit where you can find the content online. For example, Netflix has been a treat for die-hard anime fans. It provides users with ultimate streaming experience on the web.

But, there is a problem with the individuals in live streaming services. They get only a limited library selection of the popular anime series. Netflix has managed to turn the crowd, though! The high-quality animations, consistency, speed, and accessibility is second to none. And, the web developers have agreed to this!

Whether you want to watch the One Punch Man, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Death Note, Devilman: Crybaby, Castlevania, or the older favorites, like The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Netflix has done his job nicely to bringing the famous anime shows back to the people. You can even watch the 90s iconic anime show, Evangelion, that had been missing for years.

Still, the anime fans in developing countries like Moldova face a lot of discrimination regarding Netflix usage. It’s unfair to charge more from the people in developing countries with lower income levels than those living in developed nations.

Moreover, several TV shows, along with anime series, are not available to the people living in some specific countries or locations due to legal reasons. If you subscribe to Netflix to binge-watch a TV show in the US, you might be restricted from watching that show in Europe due. Reason? Netflix may not have the regional rights to that TV show.

However, you can binge-watch your favorite anime series in legit ways by creating your own kickassanime application. Let’s us how to do so-

Some Steps To Create A Kickassanime Anime App

Below are some steps to create an anime app:

Sketch The Application Idea

The creation of every app starts with an idea. There is no need for a special tool to sketch the idea, just a pen, and a paper is enough. Make a sketch, list the features you want in your app.

You want your app to be as lean, mean as possible; this is called minimum viable product or MVP. While it feels tempting to add many features, it’s better to make your app good at one thing at a time, i.e., anime.

As you are creating this app to have Netflix-like smooth experience while watching the anime series, make sure that it does this job well. And to make sure it does the job well, make sure you outsource your work to the best react native application development company.

Conduct Thorough Market Research

Many app developers skip this step; however, it is an integral part of creating an app. It will let you know whether your idea is viable or not. Moreover, it will validate your assumptions, keep you from making mistakes, and assess the user needs.

Make sure if people are looking for an anime application you are creating. Know the issues they are facing, and find ways to help them solve them via your app.

Have A Mockup Of Your App

A mockup is a sketch of the app’s design, user interface, or flow. It shows how your application will look and describes the interactions and flows of the app, such as how to get from one page to another.

Create The Graphic Design

The next step is to make your app’s graphic design. It consists of visual details, motion design, assets, animations, etc. Beware of the licensing and copyright while using anything available on the internet.

It’s Time To Build Your App

After you have done the basic work building, it’s time for the final move! Use online tools containing a project manager, code editor, interface builder, debugging tools, etc. The front end of your app creates the app’s user interface, while the backend stores data.

As the data has been created, like the anime shows, it gets uploaded to the cloud. While integrating the front end and the backend, you can use open-source development tools to code everything.

Publish your app in the app store. It will feel amazing to create a kickassanime app and bring it to the notice of die-hard anime fans!

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