When it comes to fresh seafood, mussels have a special place in the hearts of culinary experts. Mussels, which belong to the Bivalve Mollusks family, are highly renowned and beloved for their aromatic flavor and versatile applications in the kitchen. Undoubtedly, mussels possess a distinct taste and flavor of their own, coupled with numerous nutritional benefits. That is why this fresh seafood is widely popular among seafood lovers worldwide.

In this article, we will guide you through a few easy steps on how to cook mussels in 7 simple steps to enhance your culinary experience. We will also discuss mussels and their nutritional values in detail, so stay tuned.

Mussels & Their Nutritional Value

A mussel is a part of Bivalve Mollusks like the oysters and clams that are easily available in the seafood market. It has a special place in the kitchen and is widely liked by most seafood lovers due to its distinct flavor and versatility. They can be found in both freshwater and saltwater environments, showcasing vibrant colors and featuring soft and tender yellow and orange flesh. You can also order them through fresh seafood online markets instead of visiting fresh seafood markets physically.

As for their nutritional benefits facts, they are a huge source of Vitamin B12 and Iron, Omega-3 fatty acids, and proteins. An estimate states that a 3.5-ounce serving of fresh mussels provides 0.94 grams of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, 23.80 grams in protein, 172 calories, 4.5 grams of fats, 24 mcg of B12 vitamin, and 6.72 mg of Iron. No matter how you eat them, steamed, soups and pasta, or cooked in any other form, mussels will always provide a great food experience and nutritional value.

How To Steam Cook Mussels In 7 Easy Steps

There can be many different ways to cook and eat mussels out of which steaming is the most common and loved way. Most people prefer to eat them with a steam cooking process as it increases their taste while retaining most of their nutritional value. Read out below 7 east steps of cooking fresh mussels, but, before we move towards the steam cooking process, please note down and keep handy the equipment that you will need during the cooking process.

Basic Equipment Required For Cooking Mussels

Below is a few basic pieces of equipment that you can easily arrange for steam cooking the mussels:

  • A simple kitchen knife to clean the mussels
  • A normal-use kitchen pot. Please make sure it is large enough for the mussels and other ingredients to easily fit in the pot while still having enough space for the steam to circulate within.
  • A vegetable brush to clean them.
  • Broth ingredients if your recipe requires them.

Now we move towards our steps for steam cooking the mussels:

Step 1: We will start our cooking process by soaking the mussels in cold water for a minimum duration of 20 minutes before cooking. It can help to keep them fresh till the cooking process and will even remove any sand pores.

Step 2: Clean the mussels and remove any mussel beards by pulling them gently with the help of a knife or a fork. It is necessary to remove them; otherwise, they might spoil the taste and look in the end.

Step 3: Now use that large pot and fill it with about a half inch of liquid and close it tight with a tight-fitting cover. For liquid, you can simply use water, broth, or wine for a better taste, depending on your desired taste preferences.

Step 4: To add an aromatic touch, incorporate minced garlic, along with herbs like thyme, parsley, and bay leaf, as well as diced onion. Add all these ingredient pieces to the liquid inside the pot and it will add a nice combination of taste and aroma in the end.

Step 5: Now it is time to put the pot over the oven or stove on high heat so the liquid can start boiling for cooking.

Step 6: Once the liquid has boiled, now it is time to add the mussels inside the liquid pot. Please note that the pot might be extremely hot. So, it will be best to add them carefully and slowly to the pot instead of a sudden push by maintaining your safe distance. Also, make sure the cover is tight-closed so that the steam inside can start cooking the mussels. Next, cover it for 5-7 minutes as it will start to pen the mussel shells to cook steam properly.

Step 7: After 5-7 minutes of steam cooking, cautiously open the pot lid. Turn off the stove from below, remove the pot, and start serving it. Also, make sure to remove and discard any unopened mussel shells that didn’t open during the cooking process. They will now be useless and unhealthy to eat anymore, so discarding them will be the best option.

If you follow the above steps carefully without missing any of them, your mussels will now be ready for serving. Just pour them and enjoy the tender and healthy steam-cooked mussels. You can also serve them with bread to enhance your food experience. It is time to savor the taste of one of the best fresh seafood.


Mussels like most other seafood, are not only tasty to eat but are also full of healthy nutrition. However, to fully enjoy their benefits, it is crucial to cook them properly. The most widely used and popular method for cooking them worldwide is steaming. Steam cooking the mussels is very easy, as described above, and it offers great taste while preserving its nutritional value. We hope the above step-by-step guide will help you to steam cook your mussels for yourself or to greet your guests. Lastly, make sure to maintain health and safety precautions while cooking them to avoid any possible kitchen accident.

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