Choosing an office is more than just finding a suitable location for your team to work in. This location is somewhere that you’ll develop the best ideas and take your business further. So with this in mind, there are many things to consider. A new office space should have a range of basics to get you started. Still, it should also reflect the company culture and an environment that promotes productivity and creativity.

There are many types of offices to choose from, including traditional leased spaces to serviced offices. However, if you’re looking for more flexibility, a serviced office or co-working space is a great choice.

Take a look at this short guide on how to choose the best space for your business and what areas to look out for.


The costs in business are one of the main factors to consider when choosing an office space. If you’re starting out, budgets are generally tighter, which creates some challenges when thinking about the base of your operations. A serviced office helps break down this barrier as this option includes a wide range of extras in the lease. With this choice, cost also breaks down into location premiums. Some locations command a higher price due to their position, while others may have more space but will be slightly out of town. Getting the balance right is crucial for this decision. Think about how much space you need and for how long to get the best costs.


Most businesses want to be in a spot where people can find them easily. Whether that’s choosing a busy city location with accessible transport links or working alongside other firms in a business hub, there are tons of places to choose from. In addition, serviced offices are available globally and are hugely beneficial for remote employees. So, for example, if you have a team in Brisbane, you can find a Brisbane serviced office for them easily. Plus, set up shop in other spots to accommodate everyone.

The location aspect often comes with associated costs, so it’s important to consider how a specific spot will benefit the business. If you can see a location boosting productivity and profits, it may be worth paying more initially. The beauty of a serviced office is that if you need to move, it is easier and quicker to complete.


All businesses rely on technology to help them operate and grow. So when choosing a serviced office, this aspect is vital to get right. These offices provide a range of access points for fast internet connectivity. If you don’t have computers for everyone, in some leases, these are available to rent. When inquiring about a new space, check out the infrastructure and the reliability of the telecoms and internet. It’s rare to find somewhere that doesn’t have phone service these days, but some locations might have black spots that can disrupt services.

Facilities Availability

Every serviced office is different, and the more amenities you have access to depends on your budget. Many locations offer the basics, which is ideal for start-ups and small businesses. However, some offer more luxurious office solutions if you want to scale up your aesthetic. Larger serviced office providers have a range of extras within the building, including recreational spaces, on-site gyms, and kitchen areas. Plus, some allow dogs in the office, depending on your lease.

Ability To Scale

One of the drawbacks of a conventional office space is the rigidity it has when your company grows. In contrast, a serviced office provides greater flexibility when you need more space or amenities. When choosing a new office, think about the potential growth you might see in the short and long term. Then, consider how the office can scale up with you and what the costs might be for this extra space. On the other end, a serviced office can also scale down when you need to and ensures you’re not overspending on areas not required.


Another plus side of a co-working or serviced office is the network you have available. These office designs enable you to connect with others and collaborate with like-minded businesses. This environment is also great for socializing and meeting others on a personal level.

Choosing an office is a big decision, and there are lots of elements to consider before taking the leap. However, choosing a serviced office option gives you greater flexibility and can be tailored to your needs to help save money in the long run.

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