If you are new to parenting, you know that carrying an 8 to 10-pound baby all day could tire out your arms, but you do it anyway cause you love your baby. Studies show that lifting children is also quite often tagged as a primary reason for lower back, shoulder, and/ or neck pain. While you may not be bothered about the minor aches, you should be concerned about the potential long-term effects of carrying your child for extended periods of time without the proper support. It is not something you can be flippant about because you may only feel minor discomfort now, but as the years go by, unbearable pain may be on your horizon.

If you want to mitigate this risk, you need supportive tools to ease the load. Of course, nothing will prevent you from “babywearing” because you want to show your love. A baby carrier is a perfect partner for new parents like you. It gives you enough support while freeing your hands. Apart from distributing the weight, a carrier will allow you to carry out (pun intended) your other responsibilities seamlessly.

If you are shopping for the perfect carrier to address your parenting needs, you must consider five elements to assess if it is the right one for you.

Assess The Supportive Feature

If you have been suffering from chronic back pain, have scoliosis, or even just in pain from carrying your baby for long hours, the first thing you should be looking for is a carrier that provides sufficient and balanced support. Pick a carrier that keeps your back in the proper posture and your combined weight centred. Select one that also keeps your baby well-adjusted and supported in the carrier, too. Make sure the carrier doesn’t wobble as this could potentially harm your baby and your back even more.

Pay Attention To Design

Do you have a baby girl or baby boy? Many new parents enjoy selecting cute designs for their baby carrier. Get creative and pick fun and bright colours. You may be babywearing, but you can still make it fashionable. Besides, though your child may not care, at least the carrier won’t be an eyesore on your part. It is definitely not uplifting having to look at a plain and dull carrier.

Consider The Overall Functionality

One such important factor you need to consider is its functionality. Can you put your baby inside with ease even when you are alone? How do you wear the carrier? If your baby is super fussy and you need to work at home on your computer or do your chores, then you need something that can support that head when baby falls asleep. A baby carrier is a saving grace because it allows you to go hands-free so you can continue with your duties and responsibilities. Find one that allows you to put the carrier on with ease and place the baby inside easily, so you can move around efficiently.

Assess The Durability

Parents find themselves carrying their children until they turn three years old. For this reason, it is essential to pick a durable carrier to last you through the years. You want something supportive enough for the newborn stage and the wiggly toddler years. Now is the time to prioritise quality over quantity. You also wouldn’t want your child to rip through the fabric as they get older. Yikes. On top of that, it would be a good idea to find a carrier that’s washable because drool, leaking diapers, and milk spills are a possibility.

Prioritise Comfort & Fit

There are many types of baby carriers. There are slings, backpacks, so many options to choose from. If you are residing in a warmer climate, padded carriers might not be best for you because this will add heat. Select carriers that are comfortable to wear, with breathable fabric that fit you nicely. Also, make sure the carrier is comfortable for the baby. Choose a carrier that keeps the baby’s hips and back in the proper posture.

Final Word

Babywearing is a great way for you to get closer to your child and free up some limbs to get other things done. Your experience ultimately depends on what you pick, so deciding on your carrying device is crucial to your parenting journey. Select the carrier that feels most comfortable for you and baby so that you can level up your parenting game.

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