The rise of email marketing has changed the way businesses do business. Most companies send physical mail online to their prospective and patron clients. Today’s online tools offer many advantages, from increased deliverability to improved effectiveness. Read on to find out how email marketing can improve your business strategies. Here are the ways it can improve your business. First, you should send more emails to your list than you receive. Using email marketing to communicate important information to your customers will help you improve your deliverability. Read on to learn more!


While 39% of online retailers try to sell products through email, 61% achieve tremendous success with their campaigns. Therefore, providing your readers with valuable content when crafting an email is essential. However, too much advertising in an email will cause your readers to switch off and go elsewhere. Instead, provide helpful information to your subscribers, such as tips and advice on data protection or fashion trends. The ratio of informative emails to promotional emails is generally accepted.

The next step in the email marketing process is to personalize it. Companies plan a series of emails that span several days to months. The purpose of this series is to build relationships with its subscribers. This way, they reduce the risk of annoying them by sending too many emails in a short period. Using analytics and segmentation can help refine your email campaigns. Ultimately, your goal is to maximize the number of subscribers that respond to your email.


Email marketing is a crucial part of your business strategy, but scaling your email program requires more than the right tools and integrations. Developing a solid email team will pay dividends down the road and need the right people, processes, and alignment. This article discusses litmus and Salesforce experts’ strategies for scaling your email program. First, focus on people. Then, your team’s quality and alignment will help them deliver a better customer experience.

Content is king. In a B2B world, you need content that can reach more people and grow your company. This means creating easily scalable content so that your marketing initiatives can also scale. The content you create for your campaigns can vary from product information to how-to articles and vice versa. The most successful campaigns can scale well across many different platforms. You need a mix of both, but you want to focus on the latter.


When sending emails online, you have several different options for personalizing the content of your emails. A straightforward way is to add your subscriber’s name to the subject line. This will make your emails sound less generic and more human. It also gives you the chance to give each subscriber a face to your business. When an email sounds like it comes from a real person, they’re more likely to open it and act on it.

Personalized emails are highly effective for many reasons. First, they are more relevant to recipients because they include their names and relevant offers. For example, customized subject lines increase open rates by 26%, so make sure yours are tailored to each subscriber. A smart CTA is a personalized call to action targeted toward each individual and is 202% more effective than a generic CTA. This is important for email marketers who want to reach the most number of people possible.


Often, the deliverability of email online is a crucial part of a business’s marketing strategy. While not all emails will reach their intended inbox, there are ways to improve deliverability. Using a reputable email service can significantly increase your deliverability since these services handle all technical issues. Below are a few tips to help ensure that your emails don’t end up in the spam folder.

High deliverability results in higher open rates and more successful email marketing. For example, let’s say your email is sent to a group of 1000 prospects. You target a 30% open rate, close to the industry average. About 300 of those prospects will read your content and reply. The remaining 500 will delete your email without ever opening it. You should also ensure that your message is delivered to the correct inbox to improve your deliverability.

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