Due to our hectic daily schedules and rigorous work demands, many feel the effects of mental fatigue and exhaustion. Chronic stress can affect our bodies, minds, and behavior, leading to muscle pain, aggressive outbursts and anxiety. It’s essential, therefore, when experiencing these symptoms, to reevaluate your lifestyle and subsequently take care of yourself.

General Ways To Alleviate Anxiety

Your first course of action is to identify the route of your stressors. Some potential reasons include work pressures, moving, or even traumatic life events. After you understand your trigger(s), you can find a remedy that helps you. While taking antidepressants, like Zoloft, can help treat anxiety, it does pose potential risks, life addiction. Alternatively, natural stress relievers, like CBD derived from Sensi seeds, don’t lead to addiction, but can still help treat the anxiety problem. Sensi seeds can eventually grow into Cannabis sativa plants, producing the chemical compounds known as CBD or THC. For legitimate, grade-A products, purchase your Sensi Seeds at Zamnesia. Your body should benefit from your medicine, not crave it.

Adopting A Pet To Boost Mental Well Being

You’re probably wondering where pets come into this, but owning one has immense health benefits to your mental and physical health. Pets can encourage owners to adopt healthier lifestyle habits and provide companionship to alleviate loneliness. Did you know your dog could even help get you a date? Well, at least I didn’t!

Below are the health benefits of owning and caring for your pet:

How Human-Pet Interaction Can Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Our pets understand us far better than we realize, having the innate ability to recognize when we’re distressed. Through thousands of years of domestication and co-existing with us, some animals know what makes us tick. For example, cats mimic the frequency of baby cries when seeking food. Instinctively we’re going to take action during these cries, increasing the likelihood of giving in to their demands.

So how do pets vaguely understanding our emotions benefit us? When we’re upset, dogs, in particular, will become extra attentive and provide physical companionship. Pet-human bonding offers security and helps reduce cortisol levels, a stress hormone. We’re also hardwired to need physical touch, as deprivation can severely affect our mental health over time. Whether you’re snuggling with your cat on the sofa or petting your dog’s tummy, its therapeutic effects can help battle anxiety and depression.

Pet-human interaction can also lower blood pressure. Although drugs are typically consumed to reduce blood pressure, they lack effectiveness in minimizing blood pressure spikes from stress. Socially interacting with your pet allows your body to release its relaxation hormone.

How Pet Care Can Change Our Lifestyle

Implementing healthy lifestyle habits is essential for long-term positive changes, lowering symptoms of depressions and anxiety. When caring for a pet, numerous daily changes occur that are conducive to good health. Changes include:

Getting More Exercise

Hiking with your dog, especially super-active breeds like German Shorthaired Pointers, or waving a cat toy to stimulate prey movement are rewarding ways to incorporate exercise into your weekly schedule. Besides releasing your pet’s inbuilt energy and stopping them from scratching furniture, it’s a creative and fun way to get your workout in.

Physical activities also help reduce your body’s stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, simultaneously increasing endorphin production. Endorphins are chemicals in the brain that elevate your mood and reduce feelings of pain.

Improving Your Social Life (& Dating Life?)

Pets open many opportunities to their owners in establishing new relationships, especially among other owners. Topics such as dog breeds and care methods allow conversations to initiate naturally, as both parties are likely to share similar ideals. Furthermore, building friendships isn’t exclusive from a walk in the park, as it’s common to meet fellow pet lovers in pet clubs, vet clinics, training centers, and the groomers.

According to research, caring for a dog can even make you more desirable to the opposite sex, especially if you have one who’s extra cute! Dog owners are perceived as being easier to approach and more empathetic and happier. People also recognize the responsibility you’ve taken, distinguishing yourself from others who can’t commit to pet care.

Adding A Structured Routine To Your Daily Life

Pet care can vary substantially, as some animals are higher maintenance than others. Ferrets, for example, while being furry and affectionate, require at least four hours a day to roam around outside their cages. This extra attention forces owners to establish a daily routine, adding structure to their day. Studies show having a consistent routine reduces stress, even helping alleviate bipolar disorder and stopping substance abuse.

Animal Care For The Elderly

As you get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a social circle or stay in touch with family members. Many older adults suffer from loneliness due to friends passing and preoccupied family members. Owning a pet, especially one who needs extra caring like a sheltered elderly dog can help fill that lonely void by being a companion. The responsibilities of pet care can also give a renewed sense of purpose, potentially causing some to achieve better physical and mental health.

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