When learning math 4 grade students often need extra help to ensure that they are not lagging by the time they are ready to leave that grade, and that’s where you come in.

Online classes help your kids gain math skills they may have missed out in class.

However, it does not mean that a kid cannot get these skills in class; it just means that they can now strengthen their knowledge and become even better at math. For 4th graders, there are specific math skills they can develop with the help of a 4th grade math tutor.

Here are some of the essential math skills your kid can learn from a 4th grade math online class:

Multiplying Bigger Numbers

In 4th grade, kids will learn how to multiply bigger numbers. They already know how to multiply four-digit numbers with one-digit numbers and two-digit numbers together. The larger the numbers become, the more complex the multiplication process could get.

In a class where there may be over 20 students, a teacher cannot switch from kid to kid trying to see if they all learned how to multiply quickly. With the help of fourth grade math online classes, kids can learn how to multiply bigger numbers in the comfort of their homes with a one-on-one tutor from Brighterly.com.

Dividing With Remainders

Dividing with remainders is not an entirely complex math concept, but it helps if your child has enough practice to succeed even if they had a speed test. In 4th grade, kids will learn how to divide bigger numbers, and in some cases, it means that they will start dealing with remainders. Having additional online math classes after school, your kids can learn how to divide with remainders so that when they return to class, they are ahead of their peers and have a better understanding of the math concept.

Solving Word Problems With Real-Life Examples

Word problems are the real-life applications of math problems and they are an essential study tool. After learning addition, subtraction, and other math concepts in just numbers and theory, 4th graders will need to start solving word problems related to real-life situations.

Instead of telling a kid how many cents make up a dollar, offer them a word problem replicating real money issues that they must solve using their knowledge of money. In the same manner, children may encounter other math concepts. At the beginning, word problems can be both interesting and confusing; however, with constant practice kids get from 4th grade math help online, things get easier.

Understanding Place Value With Larger Numbers

As the numbers grow, kids must understand their place values, know how to write them, and learn how to call them out in units, tens, hundreds, and thousands. Your kids must learn to write these numbers in all the various forms possible. Online math lessons with a tutor will help practice these skills regularly and eliminate any confusion they might encounter when trying to solve related exercises.

Some numbers are hard to call out, especially when they exceed the usual four digits. The online teacher will teach a kid operating numbers that are beyond the regular four digits and keep them ahead of their classmates as they navigate this complex math concept called place value.


When your kids get to fractions, they encounter a very challenging math concept and will often need their teacher’s and your help to get through it. Fractions are an introduction to a wide range of math concepts kids will face as they progress in their studies. Thus, students have to get the basic idea almost perfectly, so they do not get lost in the future.

Before kids get to 4th grade, they already have a basic idea of fractions, but in 4th grade, they start comparing denominators and numerators; they learn how to add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions, and then they also learn how to multiply whole numbers with fractions. As a parent, you can help your child learn more about fractions by introducing them to baking and cooking measurements, for example. But an online math tutor will do the biggest part of work to explain this math concept effectively.

Comparing Decimals

When comparing decimals, teachers often use a place value chart to explain the topic to kids. At first glance, students can get confused. It will be helpful if after returning home every day after class, a kid learns more about comparing decimals so that their answers are sharper when they return to class the next day.


Geometry before 4th grade involves identifying different shapes, what they look like, and how they sound. In 4th grade, however, the game changes to something completely different as kids move to classifying angles and triangles and identifying if an angle is right, acute, or obtuse.

For triangles, students learn to find out if it is isosceles, equilateral, or scalene. The classification continues with quadrilaterals when it concerns rectangles, squares, parallelograms, and rhombuses. You see that with all these things to categorize and remember, kids may need extra help that a 4th grade math online class may provide.


Online math classes sometimes replace traditional classes when kids are homeschooled, but for the most part, they exist to complement traditional courses. Teachers have to meet up with a curriculum in such a short time and therefore only have a little time to ensure that every kid grasps the concept taught in class.

With the help of 4th grade online classes, kids can relearn what they already know and improve. Repeating one lesson across classes will help a kid find solutions in different ways. The skills mentioned in this article are essential, and your kids need the extra help to learn them better, so sign your youngster for a 4th grade math online class today.

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