Dhanteras marks the beginning of Diwali festivities, it’s the welcoming of celebration and worship all over the country. You must have seen people buying precious metals on this day, but do you know why?

On this day people worship Goddess Lakshmi who is considered the Goddess of wealth, thus people worship and invest in dhan. During the auspicious day of Dhanteras, buying gold coins of 10gm is very popular, and people all over the country are shopping for gold coins to mark this day of happiness and prosperity. You can get gold items for yourself, and also for gifting to your family and friends.

You might be bombarded with jewellery store advertisements during the festive season to lure you in with their outstanding offers and designs, but you must be careful about where you shop for gold coins of 10gm from. There are many fake websites that may try to scam you into buying fake gold coins and jewellery.

To ensure that you get the best quality gold coins of 10gm and various other denominations you must shop from credible jewellers. Mia by Tanishq is one of the best jewellery stores for all your festive shopping. Here you can find a wide range of gold coins of 10gm with creative designs embedded on them.

But before you go shopping, let’s learn a little about how gold coins of 10gm are minted!

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How Are Gold Coins Minted?

The story of Dhanteras and precious metals goes back a long time. This festival is known to bring good luck, better health, and wealth to all those who celebrate it. As stated above, one of the most popular choices of buying gold is not jewellery but gold coins of 10gm. So why not learn about the process that brings gold coins to life?

As with everything made of gold, the precious metal is first melted in a furnace, which is then rolled and cut into blanks. After this a plaster mould is created for coins of varying denominations. The process of creating a mould is long and tedious, many artists work on creating the perfect design for the mould.

Using modern technology, it is scanned and a die is produced. This is followed  by the process of cutting by an engraving machine which is super accurate. Nowadays, the engraving is often done by machines, however, nothing beats the hand of an artist.

So, gold coins are also engraved by hand and showcase the beautiful craftsmanship of the artists of our country. These coins can be personalised as well, which makes them perfect for gifting on Dhanteras.

Buying Gold Coins: Things To Keep In Mind

While you are buying gold coins for your home or to gift to your loved ones, the first thing to consider is what denomination of gold coins you are looking for. Gold coins of 10gm make for the best choice if you don’t know which to select.

They are small, beautifully designed and do the job! While festive shopping you must also ensure that you check the purity of gold and the hallmark sign. This BIS hallmark sign will ensure that the claims made by the manufacturer are credible and valid.

With gold coins, the packaging also plays an important role. It should be tamper-proof to keep the gold coins of 10gm safe from adulteration and tampering.

Shop For The Best Gold Coins Of 10gm This Dhanteras

Buying gold or silver during the festival of Dhanteras is believed to bring you wealth and prosperity throughout the following year. There are many jewellery stores both online and offline from which you can get gold coins of 10gm.

However, the best place to shop from is Mia by Tanishq, as they have a plethora of designs and denominations of gold coins you can choose from!

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