When it comes to running or starting a business, you will always have your work cut out for you. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but for those brave individuals who love the challenge, it’s hard to imagine any other line of work. One of the most important aspects of owning any kind of business is always going to be getting what you offer in front of the right target audience. Marketing is fundamental, whether your business is a B2C, B2B, or anything in between. The challenge that most people run into – is that they struggle with understanding how to do this. 

While having the grit, intelligence, and business savvy to get a business up and off the ground is needed – knowing how to focus on a target demographic is something else entirely. If you are a business owner and you’re wondering how you can improve your marketing – here are some tips to help you hone in on your target audience. 

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

In the world of business and especially when it comes to startups and business, it’s easy to think that you have to do everything on your own. What’s more, is that not only do people struggle with feeling like they have to do everything on their own – but it’s necessary to do it alone. The idea of branching out and asking for help can seem like it’s a) not an option, or b) somehow a sign that they are incapable of ‘making it’. 

The simple truth is that the most successful businesses are successful because they know how to ask for help, how to outsource, and more importantly – how to be a team player. So when it comes to focusing in on your target demographics, whether that’s through social media exposure or local targeting through Memphis billboards, being sure that you have experts is important. This kind of skill may come from in-house, and if it does – that’s absolutely phenomenal, however, the investment is well worth your time to work with an agency or to outsource to professionals. 

The main thing that asking for help does, is that it not only allows your business to get the best marketing that it possibly can, but it also frees up you and your team to focus on using your strengths. Understanding your team’s strengths and weaknesses is vital for helping your business grow and develop into a long-term strategy for success. 

2. Consider Traditional Methods

Focusing on your target audience is key and foundational to not only growing your business but ensuring its long term success. A business’s target audience is going to be one of its greatest sources of not only revenue but free marketing as well. This means that the more you target the correct audience, and the more that audience connects to your business, the more they will naturally spread awareness through their own networks. 

The official term for this is product market fit. When a business accomplishes this, not only is its product being purchased by the correct audience that is in demand for it – but that audience is acting as a natural launching point for sharing the product with its network. While there are a lot of marketing techniques that take advantage of cutting-edge tech, there are traditional options that have stood the test of time because they simply still work.

One of those options is OOH media or out-of-home media. This kind of marketing is most popularly identified by the infamous billboard. The concept behind OOH media, which is one of the oldest forms of marketing still heavily utilized today, is that you strategically place large advertisements in areas of high exposure. Passively, these signs can accrue hundreds of thousands or even millions of interactions with potential customers. 

The challenging aspect of using OOH media for a target audience is that it is a passive form of advertising. Meaning, that a billboard along a highway, or in a shopping mall parking lot, will have one message that it shares with any and all potential customers. However, where this has a good amount of advantage and strength – is in the fact that it can reach such a large audience. 

Due to the large scope of its reach, this method of traditional advertising is still highly effective at reaching specific demographics. Because it’s one of the oldest forms of advertising, it also brings an element of brand validity to the table that smaller businesses can benefit from.


All in all, focusing on building a strong foundation for your business by marketing to your specific target market is key to creating a business that can last the test of time. Marketing to your target audience to build your foundation as a business is time and investment that is well spent.

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