If someone found your site before and spent a little time looking through it, it’s apparent that they’re interested in what you have to offer.  Unfortunately, not every visit turns into a purchase or subscription.  The next important step is to try and lure them back in another time, to give you another chance to make that sale.

As complicated as dynamic retargeting may sound, at its core, it’s giving your leads a chance at getting a second glance.  Here’s how it works and how you can use it for your company.

Finds Which Viewers Have Been To Your Site Before

Your advertisements work.  Whether it’s a pay per click or someone caught interest in your company through social media, they make that click and visit.  Although your company’s site may be up to industry standard, and your products may be fantastic, not every click translates into a sale.  Eventually, many leave the site without ever spending any money or helping you to gain and revenue.  This leaving doesn’t mean that they’re gone forever: you have to be able to access what they’ve visited before to bring them back.

Customizes The Ads & Messages To Bring Them Back

The most popular way this customized messaging can be used is when someone leaves a website while still having items in their cart.  Dynamic retargeting allows that company to turn around and email the potential customer, letting them know they didn’t complete the purchase and giving them the chance to meet that purchase later on.  Within the 24 hours after the person left the site, this gentle reminder is likely to bring them back again for an investment!

Offers A Discount Or Extra Incentive

Many sites that want to trigger a purchase from a second visit have to do it hinged on special sales or discounts.  Although this may cut away from your income to a degree, the sale or discount doesn’t have to be huge.  Look at what site they came from, and gear it around that.  If you sell kid’s car seats and come from a blog for parents with twins that you advertised on, it can be useful to announce that the second seat they purchase has a discount.  Think about what will clinch a sale based on what you can learn about them.

What It Is Not

Dynamic retargeting isn’t psychic and isn’t going to give you the information on everyone who has ever visited your website.  The best way that it works is through those who have already clicked your ads in the past because there’s a high chance that they’ll be likely to click your advertisement again in the future if it’s changed.

In the end, you must ensure that you’re advertising in the right places, to the right people.  If you’re promoting to younger crowds, you should ignore older advertising styles- while in older groups, it’s essential to catch their attention.  Retargeting gives you a chance at a second first impression, with a higher chance at closing sales and impressing customers!

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