CCIE Certification: Overview

CISCO certifications are often sought by candidates from across the globe who wish to crack something big in the networking infrastructures. Here the CISCO Certified Internetwork Expert, i.e., CCIE Certification, holds the utmost priority. This particular certification by CISCO stands for a series of certifications in the technical field, available for the senior networking professional experts. Such certifications aid the networking professionals in their endeavor to create new designs, build them and execute their implementation. Maintenance and troubleshooting the complexities of enterprise networking infrastructure follow the latter half of the network building.

There are six different tracks or series in a CCIE certification program: collaboration, data center, routing and switching, security, service provider, and wireless. Since its inception in 1993, the CCIE certification has emerged as one of the most competitive and popular certifications among engineers. CISCO ensures regular updates to the program, which sees only 3% of CISCO engineers achieve the feat. A total of 1% of networking professionals from around the globe could complete the certification.

Here you require expert training to understand the program intricacies and be one among the 1% of the successful engineers. The Cisco-certified internetwork expert training by SPOTO is a major step in that direction as it helps candidates prepare for everything in the CCIE certification from scratch. The sole purpose of the certification is to ensure that the engineers use the latest tools, methods, and technology to get the best out of their impending potential.

Preparing For The CCIE Certifications

Each of the six CCIE tracks comes with a written examination and a lab practical that the aspiring candidates have to complete. A candidate needs to sit for such tests within a gap of 18 months in between. Every exam comes with around 90 to 110 questions, for which a candidate gets 120 minutes to complete. The preparations for the exams are tough and require immense practice. Here the previous exams or their papers can help you grip the format of the paper and the kind of questions you can expect.

Requirement For Sitting In The CCIE Certification Exam

No engineer or normal person can sit for the CCIE certification just like that. The exam specifically calls for candidates with a valid CCNA or CCIE qualification at the preliminary level. Apart from the certification requisites, CISCO recommends that the interested candidates have eight years of industry experience before seeking qualification for the CCIE course. While most interested candidates help themselves prepare for the exams, some company employers support their employees for the cause.

Get Hold Of The CISCO CCIE Certification Training

Training is a must before any competitive certification exam. There are lakhs of candidates sitting for the exam, which increases the competition levels beyond the horizon. Here, you need proper training to make yourself eligible for the exam. Here, the network engineers will have an advantage due to their experience. Numerous tools available on the internet will help them self-teach and prepare righteously for the exam. You can consider the option of visiting some school or training center that will assist you in developing the skills required for CCIE. People with limited experience can benefit from some training programs. Opt for expert training courses like CISCO certified internetwork expert training by SPOTO to help you meet all the prerequisites, necessary knowledge, and skills to crack the exam. Another recommendation here is to utilize the practice labs by CISCO that facilitate the learning, and the feedback one gets after attempting the exam once. Such recommendations will help find the loopholes and perform better in the next attempt.

CISCO Certifications

  • Collaboration: Helps the architects and engineers specialize in video, voice, and unified communications.
  • Data Center: Certification Program for Expert professionals in designing, planning, and implementing the same.
  • Routing & Switching: Helps expert professionals configure the routing and switching equipment.
  • Security: The architects and Engineers learn to troubleshoot CISCO security technologies.
  • Service Provider: Engineers sharpen their skills in the area of service providing.
  • Wireless: Here, the Candidates will have to know about WLANs and the other intricacies of wireless networks.

The certification will open new doors of opportunity for you. Employers of various IT companies crave a CCIE certified professional working for them. Thus, grabbing the opportunity is the best choice.

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