Exams are important to judge the understanding of the students. Every student works hard throughout the year to score high marks in their final exams. Class 9 is important in a student’s life. They have to prepare for the board exams in class 10th and they have to seriously study all subjects in class 9. Thus, class 9 acts as a base for the students to prepare for the board exams. In class 9, students gain basic knowledge and information about different subjects that are covered in class 10th as well. Students have to cover the entire syllabus before the final exams. Therefore, they have to use the proper strategies to make a study plan for class 9. In this article, we will discuss the tips to cover the entire syllabus for CBSE class 9 before exams so that students can score high marks.

Preparation Tips For CBSE Class 9 Before Exams

Students can follow the given tips to prepare for CBSE class 9 before exams. The tips given here can help the students of class 9 to study properly and score high marks in the final exams. 

Make A Timetable

The most important step for achieving success and scoring high marks in class 9 is to make a timetable. Students make a proper timetable so that they can divide the available time in such a way that they can prepare for every subject equally. Students have to study all subjects simultaneously to finish the entire CBSE syllabus for class 9 before exams. Students should make sure that they study all subjects in a week. 

Keep Away From The Distractions

Students of class 9 must keep away from all distractions when preparing for class 9. They should study in a separate room and should keep away from television, mobile phones, video games, and laptops to focus more on studies. This will help students to finish the entire syllabus quickly before the exams.

Make Short Notes

When students start preparing for class 9 they should keep a notebook and pen handy. They should make important notes on the notebook from each chapter. They should write important formulas for maths and science in a notebook. They should also write important chemical reactions, definitions, and important points in a notebook. This can help them to revise quickly before the exams. 

Start With Easy Topics

Students must start their preparation from easy topics because this will help to create their interest in studies. Otherwise, students start feeling bored when they do not understand the concepts. They cannot focus properly if they do not understand the topics. Therefore, students must start preparing easy and simple topics of different subjects so that they focus properly. 

Use The Right Study Material

Students must choose the right study material to prepare for the CBSE class 9 syllabus. The best study material includes the NCERT books prescribed by the CBSE for all subjects of class 9. Students must focus on the NCERT books because the books contain all important topics. The information given in the NCERT book is complete and it is given in a simple and easy language, students can easily learn and understand the concepts given in the NCERT books. They can also refer to the NCERT solutions for class 9 if they find any difficult questions. Most questions are asked from the NCERT books therefore the NCERT books provide the best knowledge and information to the students to prepare for the final exams. 

Cover Entire Syllabus

Sometimes, students leave some topics as they believe the topics to be unimportant for the exams. This is a wrong perception. Students must not leave any topic. They should prepare all topics given in the NCERT books. Every topic covered in the syllabus for class 9 is important from the exam’s point of view. Students can get questions from any topic in the exam. Therefore, students must cover all topics and concepts given in the NCERT books.

Discuss The Problems With Teachers & Friends

If students of class 9 have any doubts related to any subject or topic, they must consult with teachers or discuss with friends. Discussion with friends is also an important method of understanding the different concepts. Students can also discuss difficult topics with their teachers for proper understanding. It helps in better understanding of the difficult topics and can help students to achieve good marks in the final exams. 

Practice Sample Papers For CBSE Class 9

The best way to cover the entire syllabus for CBSE class 9 is to solve the sample papers for class 9. Once students finish the entire syllabus for all subjects using the NCERT books they can download the sample papers from the internet. Students can solve one sample paper for class 9 every day to judge their preparation. This will help students to determine their weak and strong areas and students can again work on the weak points to make them stronger. Students can also learn to manage time by solving sample papers before the final exams. 

Previous Year Question Papers For CBSE Class 9

Students can also download the previous year’s question papers for CBSE class 9 to score high marks in the final exams. Students can solve previous year’s question papers for CBSE class 9. This will help the students to get an idea about the pattern of the exams and the type of questions asked in different subjects. They can also determine the marking scheme from the previous year’s question papers. Students can also identify the important topics from the exam’s point of view and they can focus more on the important topics. 

Revision Of The Entire Syllabus

Students must finish the entire syllabus at least a month before the final exams so that they have enough time available for revision. Students can revise the entire syllabus from different sources. They can revise from the study notes made during exam preparation and they can also revise from the books to make sure that they have covered all topics.

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