If you’re considering hiring a cleaning service, Homeaglow might be on your radar. However, before making a decision, let’s delve into a detailed review based on user experiences and the overall service provided.

Overview Of Homeaglow

Founded in 2015, Homeaglow positions itself as a house cleaning service that facilitates connections between homeowners and independent contractors. Users can access the service through an app or by signing up online. Homeaglow manages the matchmaking, payment, and support, essentially acting as a middleman.

User’s Homeaglow Experience

Initially attracted by Homeaglow’s $19 cleaning offer, the user’s experience turned sour. The cleaning service fell short, with subpar results and communication issues. Upon deciding to cancel, an unexpected hefty fee added to the dissatisfaction. This highlights the need for caution with services like Homeaglow, emphasizing transparency and thorough consideration.

Is Homeaglow Legit? Unveiling The Truth

While Homeaglow is legitimate in connecting users with cleaners, certain issues cast doubt on its reliability.

Deceptive Advertising: The initial $19 deal quickly leads users into a 6-month contract with a $49/month fee. Cancelling incurs additional charges, revealing a less-than-transparent approach.

Unresponsive Customer Service: Users have reported challenges in obtaining timely and effective support when issues arise. The lack of seamless assistance contributes to a less-than-ideal experience.

Deductions for New Clients: Homeaglow deducts $5 from a cleaner’s hourly rate for each new client, potentially impacting earnings. This deduction does not apply to regular clients.

Pros & Cons Of Homeaglow


Convenient Booking: The service offers easy and convenient booking options.

Affordable Rates: Homeaglow provides affordable rates for cleaning services.

Flexible Cleaning Options: Users can choose from flexible cleaning options based on their needs.


Hidden Membership Charges: Deceptive marketing leads users into a membership commitment with undisclosed charges.

Customer Support Issues: Unresponsive customer support creates challenges in resolving issues.

Deductions for New Clients: Cleaners face hourly rate deductions for new clients.

Extra Fees for Cancellation: Cancelling the service incurs extra fees, adding financial strain.

Additional Insights

Attitude Problems: Some cleaners on Homeaglow may exhibit attitude problems, contributing to mixed user experiences.

Class Action Lawsuit: Homeaglow is currently facing a class-action lawsuit for not compensating cleaners adequately.

Pricing & Cost

Homeaglow’s cleaning service costs are based on the cleaner’s hourly rate, hours booked (minimum 2 hours), and a 5% booking fee. The introduction offer of the first cleaning at $19 can lead to a membership commitment with undisclosed charges. Cancelling the service may result in additional fees ranging from $100 to $250.

Customer Complaints & Trustworthiness

Customer reviews on external platforms like Trustpilot and BBB tend to be more negative, highlighting issues such as hidden charges, unresponsive customer support, and challenges with cancellation. Homeaglow’s official website showcases positive reviews, but this discrepancy raises questions about the overall trustworthiness of the service.

How To Sign Up & Become A Cleaner

To sign up for Homeaglow’s services:

  • Visit the Homeaglow website.
  • Browse available cleaners or sign up as a cleaner if interested.
  • Enter your zip code or choose from available offers.
  • Provide your email address and zip code, being cautious of membership details.

To become a cleaner on Homeaglow:

  • Visit the website and complete the application form.
  • Homeaglow will review your experience and suitability.
  • If selected, you’ll receive job requests via SMS and email.
  • Set your own hourly rate and enjoy a flexible schedule.
  • Same-day payment is offered via direct deposit.

Contacting Homeaglow Customer Service

Users can contact Homeaglow customer service through phone numbers provided on their website (833-450-1848, 650-666-2482, or 650-513-0078). Existing users can sign in to access better assistance.

Conclusion: Homeaglow Reviews

While Homeaglow is not a complete scam, its operational aspects, hidden charges, and customer service issues warrant caution. Negative user experiences, a class-action lawsuit, and a lack of transparency in advertising raise concerns about the overall reliability of Homeaglow’s cleaning service.

Note: Always exercise due diligence and consider alternative services with established user reviews before committing to any cleaning service.


Is Homeaglow a reliable cleaning service?

Homeaglow connects users with cleaners, but issues like hidden charges, unresponsive customer support, and deductions for new clients raise concerns about its reliability.

What are the extra fees associated with Homeaglow’s cancellation?

Cancelling Homeaglow may incur additional fees ranging from $100 to $250, making it essential for users to be aware of the potential financial implications.

How can users become cleaners on Homeaglow?

To become a cleaner on Homeaglow, individuals can visit the website, complete the application form, and, if selected, receive job requests for flexible cleaning opportunities with same-day payment.

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