There are jobs around your home that you might need to take on to maintain them. Taking the time in the kitchen, scrubbing the bathroom tile and walls, or cleaning the guttering can be tedious tasks that need to be done more often than people think. While you should never put off DIY tasks that you know need to be done, you must ensure that any work you undertake is completed safely.

The first step to fixing home maintenance jobs is knowing the right tools and materials. This way, you can complete the job right away, rather than waiting until later on when the job gets harder or more expensive.

1. Clean The Guttering

Guttering is a necessary part of your property’s protection and safety. It’s essential to the rainwater in your property, so it must be cleaned regularly. A steady stream of water flows down the guttering and then drains into the gutters. If you see any bugs or debris on or in the guttering, this is a clear sign that it needs to be cleaned.

2. Weed Your Driveway

If you have a gravel driveway, to keep it looking, it’s best you must maintain your gravel driveway by weeding, raking, and replacing. If you have a parking area that is gravel, you should keep the weeds from growing in this space. Not only will this make it look better when you have guests over, but it also stops the weeds from popping up between the cracks and causing damage to your foundations.

3. Clean Your Drains

To get rid of grease in your kitchen sink, bathtub, or any other drain in your home, you need to use an enzyme drain cleaner. This is easy to use and will loosen up all the grease so that it can be removed easily. This is a must-do DIY job on any household’s list.

4. Fix Leaky Taps

A leaky tap can be a nuisance around the house, so if you notice any dripping or leaking from taps or pipes, you should repair them immediately. This is an easy job that can be taken on by someone who has no experience in plumbing or fixing things in general if they have the correct materials at hand. Fixing the leak will also save you money if you have a water meter. A dripping tap can waste a surprising amount of water.

5. Fix A Leaky Toilet

Modern flushes have a tendency to leak, so if you have one of these, you should do your best to make sure it’s fixed. A leaking flush can waste a lot of water and even cause flooding in your home. If you can’t fix the leak on your own, then contact a plumber to help. Fixing a toilet with the wrong parts can be dangerous for professionals and the plumber, hence why this DIY job is not for the inexperienced.

6. Fix Squeaky Door Hinges

If you see that your door is squeaking, then it’s probably either loose or worn out. A squeaky door is a sure way to annoy your family or neighbors and make them think that you’re living an awkward life, so it’s important to take care of this DIY job as soon as possible.

These aren’t glamorous jobs, but when done promptly, they will help save you money in the long run.

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