Finding meaningful gifts for the home can be challenging. While there are plenty of generic home goods available, choosing something personal and unique makes your gift stand out. Thoughtful presents that add character to someone’s living space show how well you know their style. If you want to give a gift that makes their house feel more like home, consider these six ideas for adding personal touches:

Wax Melt Burner Gift Set

A wax melt gift set allows the recipient to fill their home with gorgeous scents in a decorative way. Unlike candles that fully burn away, wax melts release a fragrance when warmed and can be reused multiple times. Choose scents and styles tailored to the recipient’s tastes. Floral, fruity, spicy, clean, and woodsy scents create different moods. Ceramic burners from the West Byre Apothecary along with a wax melt gift box come beautifully wrapped, which the recipient is sure to love.

Photo Frames

Photo frames decorated with inspiration quotes or featuring pictures of treasured memories make a heartfelt gift. Opt for frames with classic designs or fun shapes to match the recipient’s personality. Fill them with snapshots of family, friends, pets, holidays, or other cherished images. Place them around the home to remind the recipient of what matters most.


Giving custom artwork, like a painting or print created just for them, adds a pop of personality to any living space. Choose artwork featuring their favourite flowers, animals, hobbies, or even a portrait of their pet. Look on sites like Etsy for artists who do custom commissions. Or pick a print that aligns with their taste and frame it in a complementary style.

Soft Furnishings

Everyone loves cosy spaces. Give the gift of comfort with soft furnishings like blankets, pillows, and throws. Select their favourite colours, fabrics, and patterns tailored just for them. Monogram, embroider, or add custom images to make it more personal. Place them on beds, sofas, chairs, and more to help them relax in style.

Green Plants

Living plants breathe life into any home with natural beauty. Choose plants well suited for the recipient’s spaces like sunny windows or low-light corners. Opt for easy care varieties they can nurture and enjoy. Or gift a monthly plant subscription for fresh greenery delivered on a routine basis. Add personalised planters and decor to showcase their new green friends.

Personalised Doormat

Welcome guests with a custom doormat featuring the recipient’s family name or a fun phrase that fits their personality. Choose from different colours, shapes, and materials to complement their exterior decor. A personalised doormat at the entryway makes a house feel like home from the very first step.

The beauty of giving home gifts is choosing something distinctive to the individual. While there are endless items to pick from, focusing on personal and purposeful presents shows thoughtfulness. Any of these six ideas can transform a house into a cherished home filled with memories. The happiness brought by home gifts that fit someone just right is the most meaningful gift of all.

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