How’s that Sudoku going? Are you anywhere near the end? Guess not!

Don’t get us wrong, there’s no place like home, but sometimes, staying in one place for too long turns you into that guy who lives in a cabin and blames the government for everything – eek!

What you need is a change of pace; go out for heaven’s sake!

Outdoor activities are fun, and they are perfect for enjoying the gifts of nature. As a bonus, they help you tone the “crazy” down. The options you have for outdoor activities are tremendous, ranging from hill-top hiking to hunting, mountain climbing, fishing, and more.

Often, going on an outdoor adventure means “no technology,” but we’re here to shake things up a bit. Technology doesn’t have to be the rival of the outdoors. You’re allowed to use smartphones and other such gadgets that plug into nature. After all, they leave no room for unpreparedness; if God forbid, something unusual happens.

Nevertheless, you can turn your outdoor activities amusing and unforgettable through technology. These eight pieces are unique for an outdoor venture or just a party with the family al fresco.

1. GoPro Recording & Camera Equipment

You’re walking through a meadow, and suddenly, a salamander climbs on top of one of your friends; what will you do? Panic or take out your camera? Obviously, you’ll choose to capture the moment!

One of the best things to do when going on an outdoor adventure is to document your experience. You can use your camera or phone to make memories, but what about great nature shots? When you are running, mountain biking, or hiking in the wilderness, a standard way to document your journey is through a sports action camera, preferably GoPro!

The reason? GoPro cameras are usually easy and light to mount on helmets or poles, allowing them to capture your outdoor activities naturally. Other than that, if you’re planning a spooky outdoor adventure, that’s when you need a camera and recording equipment the most. Let’s just say there’s an empty, haunted compartment down the block; you’ll need some high-tech  SpiritShack ghost hunting equipment to execute your venture successfully.

2. Technical Tennis

The outdoors are perfect for playing tennis.

But let’s get one thing out of the way: by tennis, we don’t mean traditional tennis. Have you ever tried playing technical tennis?

With a motion sensor that attaches to your tennis racquet and results forwarded straight to an app on your iPhone, improving your swing just got a whole lot easier. Even if you’re a beginner, you can still get the hang of it. Now you don’t have to spend the day with Uncle Bruno screaming in your backyard, “hit harder!”

3. Solar Charger

When you are outside fishing, hiking, camping, it isn’t easy to discover an outlet of energy. We carry our cameras, phones, and various other battery-powered devices that can quickly run low on power. Therefore, you should have a solar charger on hand, so you don’t carry anything dead.

Solar chargers are available in various forms, and you just need to find one that fits your requirements. Based on the length of your trip or devices you need to charge, you should choose the appropriate power and size of a solar charger and expect to never run out of fuel!

4. GPS For Hiking, Hunting, & Camping

The advancements in technology have helped us replace compasses and maps with just one gadget or app. It is why you should always carry a GPS on your outdoor venture. They are small, convenient to take, and they will always offer you vital information on your topography. You can navigate the location of the terrain you are tackling, or if you’re lost in some sketchy trail, a GPS will be your way out!

5. Bluetooth Speakers

What’s an outdoor trip without music?

As soon as the sun goes down, you and your pals might be in the mood for a bit of a party. And where there’s a party, music follows!

With portable Bluetooth speakers, you and your friends can listen to their favorite songs and enjoy. Just make sure to fully charge the battery or hook the speakers up to your solar charger, and you are guaranteed to have fun on your trip.

6. A Rolling Grill

You can’t survive on trail mix bars and a pack of Twizzlers on your outdoor trip, can you?

Take your outdoor shenanigans to a whole new level of “delicious” by packing an ingenious rolling grill. Yes, there are many things to consider when choosing the perfect travel grill. But, if easy set-up and transportation are high on your list, you can reap benefits with Bison’s award-winning Rolling Grill.

It’s compact and has lots of exciting features. You can cook healthier food, and it is pretty easy to clean as well. So make room in your trunk for this bad boy and enjoy your outdoor parties with smoked meat!

7. Solar Camp Shower

If you’re planning to stay in the wilderness for a few days, you will require some refreshments in the form of showering. Maybe there’s a lake or a river nearby, but it’s not always pleasant or safe to refresh in there.

Luckily, solar camp showers exist. With such a gadget, you can totally change your camping trip experience. All solar camp showers are designed to satisfy the need for the outdoors. Therefore, you won’t have a problem carrying or using it, so why not grab one?


That was an extraordinary experience, right?

No doubt, outdoor activities are fun. They make your heartbeat stronger because they introduce more physical activity to your lifestyle. However, regardless of which outdoor activity you choose to engage in, be it fishing, camping, or hiking, you are going to need some equipment to help you capture memories and make the most out of your adventure.

Besides sleeping bags, necessary clothes, and tents, the right tech gadgets will make the whole experience much more pleasurable. So, go through the items on this list, grab what you need and sail away for a day full of mesmerizing sights and fun activities!

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