Servicing a furnace regularly by a qualified technician is crucial. Though it’s easy to do a routine check at home, technicians can provide valuable insight into your furnace that you may miss on your own. This article will outline what to look for when doing furnace repair so you can identify problems before they become serious.

Clean The Outside Of The Furnace

The first thing you should do is check if the filters are clean. If not, replace them with new ones. Then, turn off the power and unplug the unit. Next, remove all of the accessories connected to the unit and place them in a safe place. After that, turn off all the electrical devices connected to your furnace and disconnect any hoses or cables that are attached to it. Lastly, empty all debris inside out until no more items are left behind.

Check The Vents & Replace Damaged Ones

If there are holes in the ventilation system or ducts are damaged, then they won’t function properly. This could result in uneven heat distribution throughout your home and a build-up of carbon monoxide inside the house.

Turn off your gas appliances (like furnaces and water heaters) to check for breaches in your ventilation system. Then use a tape measure to record the space between each vent outlet and the wall where it connects to another vent outlet. This will help you determine whether there’s an airflow issue within your home.

Replace Or Clean Your Furnace Filters

Another important thing you should do is replace or clean your furnace filters. This will help keep your furnace running at peak performance and ensure it doesn’t get clogged up with dirt and dust particles. You can tell if your filter needs cleaning by looking at it under a bright light. If there are any black spots on it, you should replace that part right away!

If you don’t have time to replace your filter, try using a special cleaner designed specifically for cleaning furnace filters. These cleaners are safe for use around pets and children and won’t damage anything else in your home either.

Clear Anything Inflammable Around The Furnace

When checking your furnace, you should ensure the area is clear of anything flammable and combustible. This includes anything like curtains, rugs, and furniture. Inspecting the furnace annually for any signs of wear or damage is essential. Make sure it works correctly by running a test cycle on your furnace and then checking the temperature after it’s heating up. 

If there are any problems with your furnace, find a certified technician who can fix them quickly so that you don’t have to worry about a fire breaking out in your home due to faulty equipment!

Check The Flame Color In Your Burners

The flame color in your burners is a good indicator of how well your furnace is working. The color of the flame will indicate whether it’s too cool or too hot, which can cause problems for your furnace. If the flame is pale yellow, it’s too cold. This can lead to condensation in the air ducts and may cause rusting on parts of the furnace. If the flames are dark red or brown, then it’s probably too hot. This can lead to damage to your furnace and should be avoided at all costs!

Call A Professional When It’s Time

If you’re noticing that your furnace isn’t as efficient as it used to be, there’s a good chance it’s time for some maintenance. A professional can determine if the problem is mechanical or electrical, and they’ll know what kind of repairs you need to make.


Furnaces should be checked and maintained regularly. The cost of not maintaining your furnace can have disastrous effects on your home and family. New furnaces are available at affordable prices in all sizes and efficiency levels, so there’s no reason to continue using outdated ones.

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