Creating a more energy-efficient office will not only save you money on your bills, but it is also another positive attribute to your business that you can share with your customers.

With an increasing number of consumers concerned with decreasing their own carbon footprints, choosing businesses that share their eco-credentials is becoming an ever more common consideration. You could potentially start by setting out a plan to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. If you are unsure how to do this and find yourself asking “what is a carbon reduction plan?” it is even possible to attend training courses for businesses that want to be more eco-friendly. The more effort you and your employees put in, the better the outcome for the environment in the long run.

Along with this, as more countries start to adopt a “carbon tax,” it makes sense to be ahead of the game and begin reducing your emissions before it becomes a taxable commodity in the US too.

So, boost your business’s selling points and save your company cash, too, by following some of these tips for creating a more eco-friendly office space.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Monitoring when your building is in use and in which areas can provide insights to help improve office efficiency, for example, when lighting, heating, and air conditioning can be switched on or off. Certain Access Control Systems are able to provide information on when people are entering and leaving the office or accessing restricted areas around the building.

Other more instant adjustments you can make can be anything from blocking drafts, adding insulation, or using LED lightbulbs which will have an immediate positive effect on your energy usage.

Green Transportation

Encouraging your staff to use more green methods of transport to and from the office can have a dramatic impact on the carbon your office produces.

Introducing a carpool system, providing showers and changing rooms for cyclists to use when they reach work, and subsidizing bus fares are all options that will help employees to make more sustainable transport choices.

Flexible Working

Improving sustainable transportation even further is not traveling at all and giving workers the opportunity to work from home when possible is a fantastic way to slash your carbon footprint.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing; workers can come into the office to collaborate with colleagues and then work remotely when carrying out tasks that can be completed independently.

Provide Laptops

In general, laptops are the greener choice when compared to desktops, so when you are next in the market to replace these items, opting for laptops could cumulatively see a big reduction in carbon emissions.

Laptops are also a great option for facilitating home working, so they tick a number of environmentally friendly boxes.

Switch Energy Supplier

If possible, choose a renewable energy supplier, which means the money you spend on your energy bills goes to sustainable energy companies using solar and wind-generated electricity instead of fossil fuels.

Do your research when switching suppliers, and you could save money on your bills too.

Most items on the list are actually pretty quick fixes and could see your business reducing its carbon footprint overnight, so why not see how many changes you can make and watch as the emissions fall and the bank balance grows.

Don’t forget to shout about your efforts to become a more sustainable company too, and show your customers it’s not just the bottom line your business is concerned with.

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