Remote workplaces are becoming more and more common in the current age of technology. Not to mention, the global pandemic prevented millions of people from making the daily commute to their typical work setting for almost a year now. So, are remote workplaces the wave of the future?

In terms of efficiency, productivity, and time management, using remote workplaces can be the solution to many business needs. By reducing the time spent in traffic and commuting to one office building, remote workspaces allow employees to get their job done in a location of their choosing, ensuring they maximize their time and resources.

With multiple remote workspace locations from the east coast to the west coast, you can find the ideal setting to get your job done in any major city in America!

Benefits Of Having A Virtual Office In Chicago

A virtual office is a service that lets you work from anywhere. By enabling employees and owners to work remotely, this technology-based service lets coworkers use functions accessible through the internet to communicate, share files, and do much more.

Furthermore, a virtual office allows large corporations to maintain a presence in a location where they do not have a traditional office building. Without having to pay rent for an actual space, corporations can increase their reach and communication to co-workers and clients, see more about it.

What Is A Virtual Office?

A virtual office provides a few amenities that are crucial to making your business trustworthy and prolific in your sector. When finding a virtual office in Chicago, look for the following:

Business Postal Address

Instead of using your home address, which can come across as unprofessional, a virtual office in Chicago will provide a business postal address to send packages, documents, and important items.


Instead of answering the phone yourself for having your roommate answer the phone when talking to an important client, you can have a virtual receptionist that makes your business seem more real and tangible.

Envelope Opening & Scanning

Suppose you are getting mail sent to an address where you are not physically located. In that case, this scanning service is a great way to stay on top of document organization and administration at your virtual office in Chicago.

Meeting Rooms

One of the best features of a virtual office in Chicago is the meeting rooms, letting you automatically have a space to conduct in-person meetings with clients or coworkers.

Phone Answering Services

To improve productivity and reduce any wasted time on the phone, you can use phone voicemail services at your virtual office in Chicago. By helping manage incoming calls and taking messages, you can stay focused on the task at hand.

Benefits Of A Virtual Office In Chicago

No Commute Time

  • Reduce any wasted time spent on your bike, public transportation system, or stuck in traffic by choosing a virtual office in Chicago. Instead of spending 2-3 hours per day getting to and from your work location, you can spend this time working – increasing your productivity, efficacy, and reducing wasted time.
  • Employees can choose a virtual office in Chicago from a nearby co-working space or from the comfort of their own home, drastically cutting down on any time spent traveling to and from their place of work.

Employees Are More Active

  • By having a nontraditional office building, you can get around and move more easily. Instead of sitting at a desk for more than 11 hours per day to get your work done on time before the office closes, you can have more flexibility with your working hours, ensuring you stay healthy and active throughout the day.
  • Allowing employees to work from the comfort of their own home or a virtual office in Chicago close to their home lets them be nearby to outdoor spaces or fitness centers. Instead of having to leave the traditional office to sit in traffic to go to a gym after a long work day, employees can remain active throughout the day by taking more breaks, walking outside, and fitting in a mid-day gym session.

Less Vacation Days

  • If you have the ability to work remotely and choose your hours, this flexibility means you will be less burnt-out at the end of a quarter. In this case, fewer vacation days are used by employees, improving productivity and efficiency.

Access To Worldwide Employees

  • Instead of searching for a freelance writer in your local area, you can search for the best freelance writer across the world! With a bigger pool of who to choose from, the quality of work will improve, meaning your business will have access to the best in their field.

Less Overhead Costs

  • By reducing money spent on heating, air conditioning, office food, supplies, furniture, and company parties, you can reduce overhead costs on payments that are hurting your business in the long run.

Save Money

  • Employees will use their own laptop or desktop computer to complete work at home, so why provide them with a computer at their desk at an office they do not use? You can save money on technology by allowing them to have BYOT – bring your own technology.

Productivity Skyrockets

  • Perhaps the biggest benefit of using virtual offices in Chicago is the potential for productivity to significantly increase when compared to pre-virtual days. Instead of walking around and monitoring people when they work, you can stay on top of their hours and jobs completed by checking online.
  • People will not have the chance to get distracted by their co-workers while sitting in the traditional cubicle office. Instead, they can work on their own tie, ensuring they are motivated and not distracted by external sources.


While using a virtual office in Chicago may not work for every employee or business, giving the option for your company is crucial to boosting workplace morale and increasing productivity. The benefits of a virtual office include greater efficiency, less overhead costs, active employees, and a reduction in commute time, meaning your employees will have more flexibility and freedom to complete work when they have time.

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