Buying the right type of forklift is extremely important for your business as it affects your overall productivity and efficiency. When getting your hands laid on a forklift, there could be as many as several factors that you should take into consideration. Starting your hunt from the height it would lift to the load, you have to be sure that the forklift you are going for is just perfect for the job.

Below are some factors that you should consider when buying a forklift that fits perfect for your business.

The Environment

Let it be clear that your business environment will directly affect the type of forklift, as you have to select the tyre and fuel type accordingly. You must pay equal attention to the surface you would be working on and other conditions. There are different forklifts for smooth and rough surfaces. Are you going to work outdoors or indoors with the forklift? Exactly how many hours are you intending to use the forklift? All these questions will help you get the right forklift. If you are someone who can’t afford a new forklift, it’s good to know that you can buy a used forklift at Triwest Forklift.

The Load Size

It would be totally pointless to pick a forklift that has a maximum lift capacity which doesn’t even fall in your requirements. You must first check the following things first:

  1. An estimate of the heaviest possible weight the forklift must be lifting.
  2. The width of your loads.
  3. The average load weight.
  4. The stock forklift will be handling.

To add in your knowledge, there are different forklift attachments that can help you to lift more load, and that’s why the type of load also matters here. Attachments such as carton clamps, paper roll clamps, and appliance clamps are easily available in the market.

The Height

Just like load, you have to be sure about the height requirements of the area you are working in. When getting a forklift, you must check what exactly is your typical lift height? You must also measure the highest possible point to which the forklift must reach. One more important factor that you should consider is the height restriction. Check whether there are any low hanging lights in the work area etc. If you are someone who wants the forklift to move underneath any height structure that is fixed, you must consider the collapsed height of the mast.

The Fuel Type

There are basically three types of fuel options for a forklift, i.e, diesel, gas or electric. Electric forklifts are very costly but they consume very less fuel as compared to the other options. They produce no emissions and work quietly and therefore, are a good option when working indoors. One the other hand, diesel and gas forklifts have the capacity to lift much greater loads and also they move much faster. They are best to use outdoors where you want to lift heavy weights.

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