When it comes to adding hats to your daily wardrobe, the main question that everyone worries about is how to choose the right hat to begin with. And this is a fair question, because there are so many varieties of hats, colors, sizes, shapes, etc. This means that there are quite a few thing to take into consideration. And while it may not be as challenging as picking out a pair of shoes or jeans, it is still a very important decision to make. So, we decided to put together a list of things you should keep in mind before making that final purchase.

Type Of Hats

It’s a clear fact that almost all hats are designed to be worn outdoors. However, that does not mean that you can just pick any hat that does the job. This is because there are several kinds of hats to choose from. Some of the common varieties that you can find online or whole browsing in shops include:

Wide Brim Hats

This is a very popular choice of hat, especially during the hot seasons it is very effective in protecting you from the sun. They also tend to come made up of many different fabrics and sizes. Some of these types of hats include; cowboy hats, straw hats, sun hats, etc.

Small Brim Hats

These types of hats usually come with small brims and tend to make up the most commonly worn type of hat as they are designed to be more stylish than functional headpieces. They also tend to be extremely versatile, customizable, comfortable, and also relatively inexpensive. Some of these hats include custom bucket hats, dad hats, trucker hats, flat bill hats or custom baseball hats. Moreover, they are very accessible, as they can be easily found in almost any online shopping site or local stores. However, the drawback of these hats is they don’t provide the best skin protection on hot days.

Comfort & Practicality

When purchasing any type of hat, it’s not secret that comfort is extremely vital. This is because you don’t want to go around wearing a hat that is too tight that is starts to constrict your head. Moreover, you don’t want to end up with a hat that is to lose that it could be easily blown away by the wind. Additionally, you also have to think about practicality. For instance, you cannot expect to go hiking while wearing a sun hat. In such a case, you are better off with a baseball cap instead.


There is no question that style is an extremely important part of purchasing a hat. After all, nobody wants to buy an accessory that does the opposite of complimenting their look. As such, you need to always make sure that you browse around for something that offers a design or color that you like and that suits you best. If you can’t seem to find something, then you can always opt to personalize your chosen hat by purchasing some custom patch hats. You can take a look at https://matohash.com/collections/custom-beanies for example, where you will be able to customize your hat to your own unique design.


When it comes to purchasing any clothing item, let alone a hat, you always have to make sure that the quality of the fabric is top-notch. This means examining its durability when choosing one. After all, the right hat is no different from having a companion, one that compliments you and your style constantly. In other words, you must take your time to think about the color, fabric, and the type of activities that you get up to. If you handle rigorous activities such as hiking, then you are best suited to buying a hat that is made up of strong material. Another case example is if you enjoy going out to the beach. If you are thing about buying a sun hat, then purchasing a white one is not that smart, since it would get stained pretty quickly.


An important factor you should also always take into consideration is breathability. After all, during hot summer days, you don’t want to wear a hat that actually makes you sweat even more. But instead you need something that offers enough space to breathe and cool you down. For instance, straw hats or even trucker hats offer sufficient ventilation to be useful in this regard.

Hat Size

It is always important to realize that each hat brand offers up different sizes. And if you accidentally end up ordering a hat that is the wrong size that can prove to be disappointing and inconvenient. However, if you take the time to measure your head size, you can have accurate proportions and measurements to make a well-informed hat purchase. You can make use of a tape measure to find the right hat size for you. However, the good thing is that most hats and caps are often one size fits all, so you don’t always have to be worried about that unless you are purchasing a special type of hat eg. fedora or sun hat.

Face Shape

Whenever you are out looking for a new hat, besides your head size, you also need to consider your face shape and whether or not the hat will suit it. Different hats tend to suit different face shapes and sizes and the worst thing that can happen is if you end up purchasing a that that is disproportionate to your face. For example, if you have a rectangular face shape, then wearing a small that would not suit you well. On the other hand, if your face is relatively small, then wearing an overly-sized hat like a cowboy hat, would not be a good choice.

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