Western fashion has captured the hearts of many people around the world with its practicality and timeless appeal. Today, you can see the famous cowboy boots, fringe jackets, and flannel shirts everywhere, from ranches to high-end catwalks. And everyone is styling them in different ways and creating unique interpretations. If you want to try your hand at this iconic style, here are some reliable Western brands that can help you create a stunning outfit. 

Thomas Cook Apparel

Thomas Cook ApparelFounded in 1924 by the ambitious and resilient Thomas Cook, from the suburbs of Melbourne emerged stylish Thomas Cook clothing in Australia. From its inception, this brand has embodied the spirit of the Australian Outback, becoming a symbol of endurance, mateship, and a deep connection to nature. Passed down through three generations of the Cook family, the brand has seamlessly integrated into the fabric of Australian country life, earning its place as an integral part of the nation’s lifestyle.

What sets Thomas Cook’s clothing apart is its deep-rooted commitment to crafting clothes that seamlessly combine durability with contemporary flair. Their dedication to quality is evident in every stitch, reflecting the enduring spirit of the Australian outback. Whether you’re a seasoned rider, a weekend explorer, or someone who simply appreciates timeless style and comfort, Thomas Cook clothing online offers something for everyone. Their collection includes everything from classic denim jeans that withstand the test of time to stylish shirts that effortlessly transition from the stable to social gatherings. 

What’s The Story Behind Thomas Cook’s Logo?

A distinctive feature of Thomas Cook clothing in Australia is its unique logo. This logo includes the silhouette of the legendary Man from Snowy River, a powerful symbol representing the brand’s heritage and connection to the Australian bush. The image of a man on a horse encapsulates the rugged, adventurous spirit that defines the brand.

Accompanying this powerful imagery is the genuine signature of Thomas Cook himself. It’s a personal stamp, a commitment to quality that echoes across generations. “My name is on the line. Thomas Cook 1924” serves as a mantra, a reminder that every product bearing the name is a testament to decades of dedication and craftsmanship. The combination of the Man from Snowy River and the genuine signature creates a logo that encapsulates a journey. It’s a visual tale of the Australian way of life, a story of exploration, resilience, and an unbreakable bond with the land. 


AriatBeth Cross, the CEO and Co-Founder of Ariat paints a vivid picture of her upbringing as one of eight kids, fostering a deep connection with horses, sheep, pigs, chickens, dogs, and cats. It was against this backdrop that a significant moment unfolded in 1973, as Beth sat in front of the TV witnessing Secretariat’s historic victory at the Kentucky Derby. Secretariat, the legendary racehorse with an extraordinary heart and relentless competitive spirit, became the catalyst for the birth of Ariat.

Inspired by the unmatched athleticism and spirit of this Triple Crown winner, Ariat was founded as “The New Breed of Boot.” The company pioneered the integration of athletic footwear technology into boots tailored for equestrian athletes, marking a revolutionary approach to performance footwear.

If you’ve got an outdoorsy guy in your life, someone who thrives on adventure and embraces the rugged spirit of the great outdoors, Ariat Western Wear is the perfect gift for any occasion. Think about the guy who loves the feel of the open trail beneath his boots or dreams of saddling up for a ride through the countryside. Ariat is the first to weave athletic footwear technology into boots tailored for equestrian athletes. Their boots don’t just look good but also perform at the top of their game – a different breed indeed. 


WranglerWrangler Western Wear, an iconic brand synonymous with the spirit of the American West, has a rich history deeply intertwined with the rugged lifestyle of rodeo performers and cowboys. The brand’s journey began with a keen understanding of the functional needs of those who spent their days in the saddle.

In the early days of rodeo, functionality was crucial for the performers. Wrangler recognised the unique requirements of cowboys and rodeo athletes, and this became the cornerstone of their design philosophy. The need for a high back rise in jeans was crucial for keeping shirt tails securely in place during rides. This prevents discomfort and ensures a polished look. The higher rise also addresses the issue of jeans binding across the waist, providing cowboys with the freedom of movement they require while working in the saddle.

The brand’s attention to detail extended to the belt loops, an essential aspect of the most stylish men’s accessories. Wrangler jeans boasted seven loops on their belts and a spacious gap between the front loops, catering to the flamboyant Western belts and trophy buckles that were integral to the cowboy fashion aesthetic.

Wrangler also understands the importance of providing ample seat and thigh room in their jeans to accommodate the dynamic movements of rodeo performers. A smaller leg opening serves a dual purpose – protecting the rider’s legs from the brush while riding and ensuring a proper fit over their boots. The practice of “stacking” jeans, a Western tradition that allows cowboys to buy longer inseams to fit over their boots while riding, became a distinctive feature of Wrangler Western Wear. 

Black Jack Boots

Since 1996, Black Jack Boots has been creating cowboy boots by hand using carefully chosen, graded leathers to guarantee fit, comfort, and longevity. Nowadays, their boots are among the best options available on the market. They incorporate a unique 100-step boot-making process which starts with the selection of leathers and components available worldwide. For their heels and tops, they only use the finest smooth leather.

Even the heel counters are crafted with top-quality side bend leather, and solid leather stacked heels grace every pair of Black Jack boots. The brand’s pledge to produce the finest, all-leather, handcrafted boots in the USA is unwavering, and customer satisfaction stands as the top priority.

Another factor that sets Black Jack Boots apart is their team of master bootmakers, boasting many years of experience in the craft. Their dedication to the process, combined with an outstanding sales and management team, contributes to the brand’s standing as one of the leaders in the industry. In a world where tradition meets modern craftsmanship, this brand remains a beacon of authenticity that continues to define the spirit of the American West with every pair it creates. From the careful selection of materials to the expert hands of bootmakers, Black Jack Boots weaves a narrative of quality, pride, and a commitment to the timeless art of boot-making.

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