Electronic signatures are the new industry standard for signing documents over distance in a way that is fast, reliable, and secure. Plenty of programs exist to help facilitate this, and one favorite in the business world is eSign Genie. When looking into subscribing, though, it’s important to remember that eSign Genie and software like it are not just helpful tools for your company. In fact, they are an essential part of business operations in the modern world.

The Problem With Overpayment

E-signing can be done from almost any device – phone, tablet, desktop, and laptop. This versatility means that people do not need the most complex software every time they want to get or give a signature. It’s important to understand where your documents exist in the company workflow to see precisely why eSign Genie is the best option. In business, e-signing software also has to offer recipient management, notification options, expiration dates, and routing limitations.

This can be overwhelming for people not used to these programs and may cause them to pay more. Unsure customers often pay high fees for the most expensive electronic signature program in the hope it works best, rather than weighing the features based on the best price and service.

Other Programs Have Hidden Fees

Many other popular programs contain limitations that are never clearly explained to the customer. Your subscription will cover a certain amount of document handling per year. Then you will start to be charged a small fee per document afterward, often with no notification of the change. This is not the case with eSign Genie, which prides itself on being fair, direct, and open for their customers.

Alternative Options

It would be wrong to say that eSign Genie is the most well-featured software out there. However, that is only because the more ‘fancy’ programs clog up their APIs with tools and features that are useful or even understood by very few of their customers. Just having these excessive features allows them to charge more of a subscription fee, and then further charge when the hidden number of documents per year gets exceeded.

eSign Genie, on the other hand, makes a point of being transparent to their customers. All of the essential features and some extra customizable functionalities are clearly available and explainable, but with the critical difference of an always reasonable price! As well, you are not secretly limited in your document use – eSign will not charge you any hidden fees.

There’s no escaping the importance of electronic signature software for any modern business. When selecting yours, make sure you get the best value for money, the most straightforward option for your customers, and don’t’ get charged for what you don’t want.

eSign Genie offers you exactly the options you need, at a lower price, and it will help your business to grow and succeed rapidly.

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