ESG or Environment Social and Governance is a sustainable investing that calculates the impact of a particular company’s ethical contribution to the stakeholders. ESG Investing and Analysis have become an increasingly significant part of the investment process. Investors are carrying out ESG data into the investment process to get a complete understanding of the companies in which they invest. Let’s understand its main objective further:

What Is ESG Investing?

ESG Investing indicates the investing which includes optimal environmental, social, and governance factors or outcomes. Investment here is made according to the environment, human well-being, and the economy. It is based on the organization’s financial performance, which is affected by the environment and social factors.

What Are The ESG Investing Trends 2021?

Looking at the COVID 19 crisis, there will be new technologies emerging with new approaches. It is estimated that there will be a larger generational wealth transfer in history. It will lead to a greater milestone for ESG investing.

What Are The ESG Factors?

The ECG is separated into three important factors. The first one is the Environmental criterion, the second social criteria, and the third Governance Criteria.

Environmental Criteria: It mainly includes water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, reductions, and the action on climate change.

Social Criteria: It considers how the relationships are managed with employees, customers, and the communities where it is operated. Its theme includes:

  • The health and the safety criterion
  • The way company behave with the clients and the customers

Governance Criteria: consider the leadership of the company, executive pay, internal controls. It includes:

  • Anti-corruption steps
  • Tax Transparency

Why Is ECG Significant?

There are a lot of financial benefits involved which correlates to the company taking up a high ECG performance:

  • Investors are highly attracted: The green investment funds and the socially responsible investors will go for funding companies with good ESG scores.
  • Good performance comparatively: It’s been researched that the companies with high ESG scores give better performance.

Why Choose An Alpha Architect?

An expert consultation can be the best one to develop greater benefits! Alpha Architect is a highly research-intensive firm whose main objective is to provide differentiated investments strategies at lower costs. In addition, their main objective is to educate the investors to develop sustainable investors.


Thus, sustainable processes and investors combine to make up a well flourished long-term performance of the company.

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