Do you ever enter a room and mentally begin to change the décor, rearrange the furniture, change the light fixtures and imagine what sort of artwork would go best on those walls? Then you have a penchant for interior design.

Interior design used to be known as a niche career, but it could not have been farther from the truth. Whether it is a corporate building or a newly-weds first home, people want to express themselves through their work and home spaces. And why not? Research has proven that our surroundings, especially our homes and offices, profoundly affect our well-being. If you think interior design is your calling but hesitate on the job opportunities, here is a list of popular careers in interior design to ease your worries and inspire you.

Production Designer For Film, Theatre & Television

For a generation who has grown up binging on movies, television series and theatre plays alike, what can be more exciting than becoming a production designer?

Production designers are responsible for creating the concepts and executing the designs for sets. You will work in tandem with the director and discuss the particular visual style for their production. Depending on the theme, you may need to have a stronghold on art history, historical information, and architectural designs in different eras.

Once the concept is finalised, your job will include working together with the director of photography, set construction company, lighting and sound directors, and the prop masters. While your work will include extended hours and tight schedules, you will get to work and meet talented individuals from the industry and gain valuable contacts in the process.

Visual Merchandiser

Many of us are guilty of purchasing an item only because it looked fabulous on the store’s window display.  That is the power of visual merchandising.

As a visual merchandiser, you will work with different brands to create visual concepts for an event. It is not just propping mannequins on display. It is an artistic blend of conceptualisation, layout, lighting and assembling to create impactful visual presentations.

Your job as a visual merchandiser will involve many responsibilities. You will liaise with the purchasing department, the sales department, and the in-store employees to develop and execute the display. You will source all the accessories such as the props, fabrics, lighting, and hardware required to create the look.

If you are working with a large chain of stores, you may need to travel to train the employees and sales team about merchandising techniques and concepts.

Interior & Spatial Designer

One of the most popular career paths in interior design, interior and spatial designers cover a broad spectrum of vocations. Think of yourself as the architect of the space. You will not only design the interior and decide the theme and look of a space, but you will also combine functionality and efficiency with aesthetics.

As an interior and spatial designer, you will work with a large team of furniture designers, CAD designers, draftsmen, contractors, architects, and other professionals. You will need to create different models to understand, conceptualise, and execute the client’s needs. Also, having a robust knowledge of colour theory, ergonomics, fabrics, materials, furniture design, acoustics, lighting, décor, dressing, and construction will help you excel in the field.

A degree in interior design near your home can get you started. You can pursue an interior design course in Delhi, Mumbai, or any major cities. However, what makes interior and spatial design a popular career is the freedom to be creative. The long hours and strict deadlines are made up by the creative license to produce art.

Final Thoughts

Interior designing is a highly creative field that offers numerous career options. It has the potential to transform a space into unique experiences. For a creative person, it can be an excellent way to blend their passion and vocation.

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