Since in 2020 we were all more or less pushed in the direction of becoming homebodies, we were faced with rethinking our living spaces. Our homes turned into these multifaceted, multi-use homes where we got to do everything, from rest and relaxation, to work, exercise, and entertainment.

As such, the focus shifted from interior décor trends to concepts that are both stylish and convenient. Not surprisingly, styles like industrial remained as popular as ever due to the simple minimal detailing, warm earth tones in the form of wood furnishings, and the ease of mixture of old and new.

Taking this last aspect into consideration, we can agree that it’s a style that works in harmony with anything, from contemporary, Scandi, minimal homes, all the way to coastal with Hamptons décor, boho, retro and eclectic. Even though it might come off as rather impersonal and cool, as it’s stripped of ornamentation, the truth is you can make of it quite the personalised style with carefully selected pieces of furniture like fancy industrial stools and whimsical accessories like wire baskets.

Incorporate Industrial Style In Small Doses

You don’t have to go bold to be able to celebrate the vintage and rugged beauty of this timeless trend. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient solution to implement some design changes that would allow you embrace the style, going small is what would work best for you.

The suggestion is to introduce a certain piece in every room, be it furniture or accessories, to slowly but surely shift things towards industrial with the interior décor. The following are some ideas you can get inspiration from.

Kitchen/Dining Stools

The kitchen and dining areas have always been at the very heart of the home. In times of lockdowns and quarantines, this basic role came to the spotlight so it’s only natural to start the décor changes with them. If you have an open concept, with the kitchen island, kitchen bar or dining table at its very centre, eclectic concrete and reclaimed wood industrial stools can serve as your main elements for spicing things up with the style. These selected pieces of furniture can add visual interest and personality to your kitchen.

Available in a range of sizes, and designs, they would seamlessly fit in your cooking and eating space. The tones of the wood, metal, and concrete are easily teamed up with earthy tones, as well as powerful shades of blue which are once again back on the trend scene, so you won’t be narrowed in the colour schemes you can work with. Balance out their edginess with rounded cushions, and you’ve got comfort and cosiness guaranteed.

Living Room Table

When it comes to the living area, you can achieve the same effect as that of the striking industrial bar stools if you introduce a coffee table to fill the space with the needed dose of ruggedness. For a statement focal point, you’ve got daring options like rustic hand-made cement mix tables. Concrete designs used in a combination with teak, metals, and glass would also do the trick.

Now, in homes where the coffee table isn’t a priority, you can use the help of a pair of side tables positioned at each side of the sofa for a symmetrical outcome. Use plants and textiles, in the form of table cloths, to ease off the rawness of the industrial materials. This comes in handy with visually warming up the space, as well as adding a pop of colour.

Bedroom Shelving

There’s decorating magic in utilitarian metallic tones. Best of all is you won’t have to do anything rash like purchase a new bed frame only for the purpose of capturing the beauty of the style when you’ve got neat shelving to implement the charms of exposed pipes. Anything rustic, with time marks, be it on metals or wood, is more than welcome.

Don’t worry, as long as you pick timber that pairs well with that of the bed frame, or metal finish that matches the one of the hardware, the shelves won’t seem out of place. The versatile elements they are, you’ve got a wide range of designs to shop from, including corner, floating, wall and display. In addition to adorning the walls, you’d find they’re useful in terms of de-cluttering the room and artfully showcasing decorative accessories.

Hallway Lighting

If you haven’t been blessed with a spacious hallway, you probably can’t fit in a quaint console table – and much less a hall tree. It’s nothing pendants can’t handle as the versatile light fixtures they are. Concrete, glass, metal pendants in matte and bronze finishes are all embellishments you can use to your advantage. And so are details like chains, pipes, and Edison bulbs.

You can also use lighting to make a statement in the rooms I’ve already covered. Imagine how big of a décor impact you’d get when you incorporate a raw metal pendant right above the kitchen bar and industrial style stools, a polished brass rod floor lamp by the living room side tables, and an iron recessed light by the shelves. Industrial can be artsy too, and refined sculptural lighting proves it!

Incorporate Industrial Style In Large Doses

You don’t have to fully embrace the style, but if you gather enough courage to implement some décor changes beyond what I’ve just covered, there are some bigger-scale solutions you can try out too.

Kitchen & Living Room Walls

Exposed brick walls have certainly become synonymous with the style, much like concrete and metal furnishings. If you want to capture more of the industrial beauty and bring the space together with warmth, you can place your bet on bricks. That area of the lovely kitchen island and bar, with the amazingly crafted industrial stools, would immediately become more intimate when you create a brick wall right beside it.

The same can be said about the industrial corner with the coffee table/side tables arrangement, and you won’t even have to undertake a pricy transformation when you’ve got home improvement pieces like brick wallpapers. Depending on your colour scheme, you can choose the classic red, or opt for something more modern like white, black, or the in-between option grey.

Bedroom & Hallway Floors

These two home areas are equally compatible with exposed brick walls, but just in case you don’t plan on using this look to cover every nook and cranny of the abode with it, there are other wallpapers and colour choices you can resort to, like concrete.

Still, to avoid visually closing up the space, even though it’s neutral, you might try with an accent wall first and see how it turns out. If it’s too grey for your taste, break away the greyness with the flooring. Wood floors work because they’re a timeless pick that never goes out of style, and moreover is a suitable choice for whichever décor project you set your mind on.

Need I say, it’s also a durable, long-term solution that would increase the value of your home significantly. Dark, natural, distressed – doesn’t matter which one wins your heart, they all fall right in place in industrial homes.

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