Winter is grey, cold, and miserable. Even the fresh, bright days threaten rain and chill our fingers and toes. While there’s a lot to look forward to and get excited about, it’s easy to feel down and get tired more easily when the world around you is so dull and grey.

One great way to enjoy the season a little more, improve your mood, and make other people smile is with your fashion choices. Have more fun with the clothes that you wear; your hair and makeup can be a great way to inject a little spice into the season. But, with warmth and comfort to think of, and perhaps a wardrobe filled with sensible layers and dark colours and shades, it can be tough. Here are some effective ways to add fun to your winter wardrobe, without sacrificing warmth or style.

Change Your Hairstyle & Colour

Beachy waves look great in the summer months. But chances are any style has grown out and your ends are thin and brittle after months in the sun. Making bold changes to your hairstyle and colour with help from the best hair salon Surrey can be a great way to embrace the season and have some fun.

Bold bobs, longer, shaggy cut with lots of layers and boho fringes are all in style this winter, and autumnal copper shapes or icy blondes can be magical at this time of the year.

Enjoy The Waterproofs

Is there a better, or more necessary time to have fun than when it’s raining? Instead of hiding away, get out there and embrace it with fun, colourful waterproofs. Invest in trendy wellies, a colourful raincoat, and even a funky umbrella. Adding colour on a rainy day is the best way to improve your mood.


Accessories are a fantastic way to add fun to your existing wardrobe without having to make huge changes or big replacements. Add pins to jackets and hats, make a statement with oversized pendants and earrings, and make the most of cool Nordic patterns and deep winter colours on chunky knit scarves and hats. Even the most basic winter outfit looks more stylish with thick winter accessories.

Layer Your Summer Favourites

Most of us are more experimental with fashion in the summertime. We take more risks, we wear more colourful clothes, and we’re braver with shapes and fits. Then, as the weather starts to turn, we put all our summer favourites in storage for months.

There’s usually no need. Instead, keep your favourite summer dresses, skirts, pinafores, and floaty blouses out and add layers. A chunky knit cardigan, thick tights and classic patent boots will look fabulous with a simple summer dress, and a thick jumper can transform your favourite summer pinafore into a warm winter staple.

Winter fashion offers plenty of ways to have fun. We wear more in winter. There are more layers, we cover more of our bodies, and we add extras, like scarves and hats, for greater warmth. That gives you more options when it comes to adding pattern and colour.

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