Selecting a dog can be a tough thing sometimes because we want the qualities of different dogs in one dog. If you want a dog that is very sincere just like a Doberman but you need the friendly quality of a Labrador as well then mixed breed will impress you. It will be great if you will know about the Doberman Lab mix breed and this breed is so amazing. This breed not only looks so amazing but it also comes with so many amazing qualities which are great. It will be great if you would know about this mix breed then get it in your home.

Even though this breed will have the special quality of a Labrador retriever but this breed will also have the strength of the Doberman. It will be great if you will know about this breed really well so that you can keep it in a better way in your home. Knowing about the features and information of this breed will help you feed and treat them in a better way. Here petsnurturing is providing the information about the Doberman lab mix that you should know before your get it in your home:

The Origin Of This Breed

This breed is originally called Doberdor and this breed is very adorable with some amazing qualities. People often call it Doberman lab mix and this mixed breed dog will surely melt your heart and you will want to have it. Most of the time black and chocolate labs are mated with the Doberman for this amazing breed. Doing research about this breed is very important so that training it will be easy for you. This is a very unique combination but sadly the origin of this dog is not known. Such breeds end up in puppy shelters most of the time and you can also get one doberdor from a shelter.

The Temperament Of The Doberdor

If you will ask about the temperament of this dog breed then you will get the feature of both Labrador and Doberman. This dog is just so amazing for the family that wants a very loyal dog that will guard the house. If you have kids in your home then also you can have this breed as this dog is just so amazing with kids.

This is a good family dog that will keep not create any issue in your home which is just so amazing. This dog is a good learner so training this dog will not be an issue for you. You have to start the training at a very young age as this breed is a bit stubborn so you have to be very careful with this dog breed.

Looks Of The Doberman Lab Mix

This dog will impress you with the look and you will be very confused as it looks so similar to lab and Doberman. Many people confuse this mixed breed and an original Doberman as they look quite similar. If you will be very specific about some facial and body specifications then you will know the difference.

This dog looks more like the Doberman but it has some facial features of the lab as well. You will get to see a strong tail in this breed and you don’t have to dock it, unlike the original Doberman dogs. The ears will be a bit long and floppy like a Labrador retriever and this breed would not need the ear chop for sure. This dog will have a bodyweight between 80 to 100 pounds and this breed lives for about 15 years. This breed lives longer than both Labrador retriever and Doberman which is amazing for sure.

Grooming Of The Doberman Lab Mix

As you already know that this is a mix of Doberman and lab and so it will get the feature of both the dogs. Doberman is a minimum grooming dog which is great for owners that don’t want to go through a lot of dog grooming. On the other side, the Labrador retriever has a double coat and so it sheds a lot throughout the year. If you will have the doberdor then you don’t have to face too much shedding.

You don’t even have to bathe this breed often and the best thing is that after the bathing procedure will be easy. You have to give this breed some hair supplements so that their coat remains shiny black throughout the year. The only thing you have to do with care is to chop or trim their nails. There will be nagging from their side but you have to be strict in this case as nail trimming is very important.

You have to be careful about their food habit as it can be a bit greedy at times and gain weight for the same reason.

Workout For The Doberman Lab Mix

This dog breed is quite muscular and so it will need some workout sessions on a daily basis. The doberdor has the feature of both the Doberman and the Labrador retriever so you have to let them workout accordingly. If you will not get them into a good workout session then they might end up with very serious health disorders. They can even gain a lot of weight like Labradors if you will not walk the Doberman lab mix thrice at least on a daily basis.

Is There Any Health Issue That The Doberdor Can Face Often?

This is a very healthy kind of dog but still, it can have some serious health issues. Hip-dysplasia and elbow-dysplasia are two common health issues of the Doberman lab mix. Weight gain is also very common in this breed so you have to be very careful with their diet and workout sessions.

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