Commercial vehicles need to be inspected for various reasons, and these inspections must be completed regularly. Whether you own a commercial vehicle or not, if you drive one, then you should be aware of why commercial vehicles need to be inspected to keep yourself and others safe while on the road. The following are some reasons for an inspection.

1. A Vehicle Inspection Is Compulsory

Commercial vehicle inspection is required by law to go through a periodic inspection to ensure that they are still roadworthy. The purpose of this type of checkup is to make sure they are safe for the public, especially given how enormous and heavy these commercial cars can be. If you do not have your car inspected regularly, you can be fined or given points on your license.

2. Commercial Vehicles Are Not Limited To Cars

Some people may make the mistake of thinking that commercial vehicles only refer to large trucks and lorries. However, this is incorrect. There are cars which fall under this category too, like taxis and minibuses.

3. It Is A Legal Requirement For All Commercial Vehicles

Regardless of what type of car a person owns, they must take the car in for an annual inspection or 15,000 km, whichever comes first. The law applies no matter if the car is second-hand or brand new. It doesn’t even matter if the car is a hybrid or electric.

4. Inspection Results Affect Your Insurance Premiums

If you fail an inspection and there is something wrong with your vehicle, you must have it fixed as soon as possible. Sometimes, the review will determine if there are any problems with your car that make it unsafe to drive on the road, and as such, they will not be permitted to go out until fixed. This will set a flag on your profile saying that you do not take good care of your vehicle, and as such, the insurance company may charge you higher premiums for insuring that car, or they might refuse to cover it at all.

5. Inspections Are Required Even If The Car Is Not Used For Commercial Purposes

If you do not use your car as a means of generating income but instead only use it to drive to work and back home again, the law still requires that you take it in for an inspection. This is because even though your vehicle doesn’t earn money, it still poses safety risks if not maintained properly.

6. Inspections Can Discover Potentially Dangerous Problems

If your car runs into a problem that seems to be a one-off, you may think it is safe enough to keep on driving for a while until the pain starts popping up again. However, during an inspection, mechanics will thoroughly check out your car and determine if there are any underlying problems you were not aware of and which may become dangerous if they are not looked at and fixed as soon as possible.

7. Some Of These Problems Can Lead To More Extensive Repairs Later On

It is costly to have your car towed for repairs because something was found wrong during an inspection, mainly if the problem means extensive damage. This is why it’s important to remember that many of the things seen during a review can be fixed on the spot or at least monitored until you can get them repaired, so nothing too serious comes up later on.

8. Inspections Save Lives

Car accidents are hazardous and may cause not only injuries but also fatalities. One primary reason for this is faulty and poorly maintained cars. If your vehicle has a problem during operation, you may not be able to control it, and the result may be that other drivers or pedestrians are put in danger.

9. You Can Sometimes Negotiate Out Of Inspections

However, there is no legal requirement for getting your vehicle inspected every six months, which means mechanics can make offers for customers willing to wait. This doesn’t mean that you should never take your car in again after the first inspection; it only means you can make a deal with your mechanic if you plan to take it in later but know there’s something wrong with it already.

10. There Are Multiple Ways To Get Your Car Inspected

Before you start panicking because it is time for an inspection, remember that there are several ways for you to get it done without having to take your vehicle to a mechanic. For example, some garages will come to pick up your car and bring it back once they are finished checking it over. Or, if you want to wait for an inspection at a mechanic, you can usually go online and book a time slot.


Commercial vehicles inspections are needed for safety. Doing so will help prevent accidents and other incidents that could potentially damage the car or endanger others on the road.

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