Well, many companies around the world can fix your air conditioner. However, we don’t want you to invest your money in that. Rather, we can give you some DIY fixes to ensure the air conditioner gets fixed properly.

That way, you don’t have to pay much to the companies and keep your bank account safe and healthy. Furthermore, the steps will ensure that you gain a good knowledge of air conditioning. Hence, you can become a good DIY mechanic to resolve all the future problems of your AC.

For more, you can look at the content below and become a better fixer.

DIY Steps To Fix Your Air Conditioner  

In the modern day, DIY steps are the order of the day, as they allow you to harness your skill levels. Furthermore, it increases your knowledge levels. In addition, you can save much of your money and spend it on other needed sections. Here are a few steps to fix your AC properly:

Step 1: Check The Filter  

One of the first things that you need to do is check your filters.

They are the hub of dirt and other pathogens, which can harm your AC.

Also, it can increase your electricity bills due to irregular cooling issues. Therefore, you should check the filters and see what is clogged in them.

Hence, you need to clean your filters properly, and you can wash them with water. Consequently, remove all the dirt and clean your filters to ensure they function better and give better cooling.

And if the issue gets out of your hands, you can buy a new filter to ensure that the AC functions better. If your product falls under the period of panasonic aircon warranty, you can also get it without sparing any expenses.

Step 2: Check The Outside Unit  

In this step, you should check the outside unit of your AC, where certain it gets attached to it and can ruin the whole AC. It can restrict the flow of hot air from the outer unit and can increase the heating inside the machine. Furthermore, it can disrupt the cooling system and its functioning for the long term.

That’s why you should check the materials of the outside unit and ensure that it functions properly. In addition, you should check the airflow of your AC and ensure that everything is functioning properly.

Step 3: Check Your Thermostat  

Another step that you should check is your thermostat and ensure that it is functioning properly. Like the episode in the Office, if your family members keep on fighting over the thermostat, they may go into troubleshooting. Therefore, you should always check the screens of your thermostat and see how it functions.

This is because the AC is something with the thermostat. If the screen gets blank, you should change its battery and ensure that it works well. Lastly, it will help you to set the right temperature for your room. Therefore, always check your thermostat before using it.

Step 4: Check The Ventilation  

Another thing that you should do is check the ventilation of your room. Often, there might be holes in the windows or doors. From that side, the air can leak, leaving you with a disproportionate temperature in the room. That’s why experts also suggest you check your windows and doors and fix them properly.

Consequently, it will cool your room quicker, and you don’t have to depend on the lower temperature to cool the room. So, fix your ventilation and ensure that the cool air does not go outside the room. It will save you a fortune on electricity bills and keep your AC going for more years.

The Bottom Line  

In the end, you can follow the steps above, which will help you to fix your AC properly. This will help you to learn the art of fixing your AC properly.


Here are a few frequently asked questions:

What if the AC is not cooling?

Check the outside unit and check how it is functioning.

Which AC mode is for cooling?

Cooling mode is the best AC mode to cool the room properly.

Which symbol is for cooling in AC?

Snowflakes are the symbol of cold air in the AC.

Does home AC purify the air?

No, it does not. For that, you need an air filter to clean the air.

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