It’s safe to say that there isn’t a single industry in the corporate landscape that has escaped the Coronavirus pandemic unscathed.

While the pandemic is far from over, the global vaccine rollouts and slow reopening of venues, shops and attractions, all show that there’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.

The pandemic might be coming to a slow and steady end, but it will have lasting effects on most business sectors, including digital marketing.

Thanks to the global lockdowns put into effect to slow the spread of the virus, internet usage has risen throughout the pandemic.

As many individuals who previously didn’t use the internet for many tasks have learned about its convenience, the popularity of the internet looks set to continue growing over the coming years.

Therefore, companies need to make sure that they optimise their digital marketing and that they adapt to the latest changes in the market.

If you’re a business leader, you might find that you struggle to stay up to date with the latest changes in this industry, particularly if your company doesn’t operate in the technology sector.

To help, this article will explore the ways in which the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the digital marketing industry and what company leaders such as yourself can do to adapt to these developments.

Competition Is Fierce In 2021

SEO and digital marketing are more critical than ever before in 2021, but it’s also incredibly challenging. The corporate world is now more competitive than ever before, with furloughed employees keen to make use of their skills and earn themselves some money. Other businesses are starting as a result of necessity, such as mask manufacturers.

Studies show that 64% of the UK’s workforce are eager to start a business this year. Many of these new businesses will be competing for the top ranking and most profitable keywords in their niche. That means that businesses such as yours face even stiffer competition than ever before when looking to retain and improve their search engine rankings.

Businesses Should Consider Cost-Cutting Measures

One of the biggest challenges to face almost everyone during the pandemic is a reduction in income. Many companies have faced a slump in orders over the past year and have had to make costly adaptations to ensure their continued success. That means that many business leaders, like yourself, will be searching for cost-cutting solutions.

Digital marketing is a vital part of improving your business and allowing it to grow, but there are some ways to reduce costs. For example, you should try to audit all of your digital marketing tools and subscriptions. If you’re not making the most out of all of the solutions that you subscribe to, then you should cancel your account and reduce your monthly outgoings. You could also consider exploring other outsourced digital marketing providers to find a better deal than the one you have now. These techniques and others will help you to reduce costs and save money while still achieving your digital marketing goals.

There Are Now Many Digital Marketing Resources Available

One way that cannabis marketing agency and service providers are highlighting their skills in today’s competitive market is to offer free resources and support. Often, these companies offer informative blog posts and guides, but others provide courses, video conferences and tools to benefit businesses like yours.

For example, this link building agency offers its unique link building formula, M-Flux, to companies so that they can understand how to judge link building opportunities. If you’re savvy and explore all the free resources and solutions available, you could save money and potentially find the best outsourced service providers to collaborate with.

Companies Face Increased Scrutiny Of Their Actions

SEO isn’t the only digital marketing technique that businesses need to consider. An online presence involves everything from using social media platforms to managing your online reputation. With the rise of ‘cancel culture’ and the increasing scrutiny of the actions of companies, you need to make sure that your business does not do anything to incur the wrath of your consumers.

That means that your company should consider conducting an audit of past social media posts, articles, blog posts and other online communications or publications. You should then check that they do not contain anything that could be considered offensive to modern consumers. If you do find that your company becomes embroiled in a scandal, you should learn how to respond to it promptly and effectively so that you do not lose business over it.

Google Isn’t Letting Digital Marketers Off The Hook

In 2020, when the pandemic raged and businesses were struggling the most, many digital marketers were wondering if Google would delay its twice-yearly update to its algorithms. The update came, which shows that the world’s most significant search engine remains deeply committed to enhancing its search ranking technologies.

However, just because Google isn’t stopping its updates, that doesn’t mean that the search engine doesn’t understand the challenges that many companies face right now. To show that the company cares about supporting businesses and digital marketers from across the corporate market, Google has announced a delay to its upcoming page experience update. The delay allows business leaders and web admins the chance to understand the factors that affect page experience and to update them on their website. So, while websites will still have to contend with algorithm updates in 2021, they will be staggered, and you will have plenty of time and support to help them to prepare for the changes.

Conclusion: SEO & Digital Marketing Are More Important Than Ever Before

With increasing numbers of individuals using the internet for everything from online shopping to banking and more, it’s clear that digital marketing and SEO are both more vital than they were in the past.

Businesses can’t afford to overlook their digital marketing or remain complacent and assume that they will retain their high rankings without any effort. This article should help you to understand how digital marketing has changed over the past few months and inspire you to find innovative ways to reinvigorate your strategy in 2021.

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