Brand advertising is carried out in various ways, including the placement of text materials. However, consumers are not always ready to spend time reading content and then they have to modify their marketing strategy. Creating videos to promote companies is an effective way to attract attention. 

Changes in the world of marketing are caused by the fatigue of the target audience. More and more consumers refuse to study the proposed descriptions. Informative and usefulness cease to play an exceptional role, so you need to consider modern trends. 

Enticing Video Marketing Opportunities

If you closely follow the trends, you have already noticed attention to various videos. It doesn’t necessarily have to be brand advertising, as consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to refuse to watch videos. Trends show that interest in the video format is growing, which means that you need to take advantage of this new opportunity. 

Why do photo and video presentations of the products? Thus, it is possible to draw attention to the company, its offerings and increase demand for services. Since posting the material is not a problem, it is necessary to do a little research on the target audience. 

Social media profiles are the easiest promotion option. It is important to consider that most clients use certain means of getting information. If it’s a blog on Instagram, why not take the time to promote your products there. 

Video Ad Trends

Spreading information through the use of digital video ads brings results in the form of increased trust and conversion rates. These metrics are important as they are used to measure coverage. Entrepreneurs have 5 simple trends that will help achieve the desired result. 

1. Short Videos

The popularity of platforms like TikTok has led other well-known companies to add the ability to post short videos. Information about the brand is easy to remember, and it is not difficult for the buyer to watch the proposed material. 

The use of videos is beneficial not only because of the increased demand for services or products, but also because of: 

  • the ability to monetize content (and this is an additional revenue); 
  • use of the advanced settings for editing created video; 
  • user interface improvements. 

Thus, it is possible to attract attention and hold it for a long time. After a certain period, the audience will increase, but a lot depends on the content provided. You should not forget about quality, informative and usefulness. 

2. Authentic Content

Videos with high-quality framing and perfect editing are good, but they don’t show the real deal. For this reason, big brands rely on videos that bring them closer to their target audience and build good relationships. 

Authentic content is still a high quality video, but the director’s cut is not as noticeable. It seems to the viewers that what is happening on the screen is made for them and taking into account their needs. That’s the whole point of a user-style video: to create images for close contact. 

3. Interactive Cutscenes

A key feature of this video is illustrating the user’s actions to place an order or create an account. This makes the journey from the average user to the potential customer seamless and enjoyable. By adding these videos to your page, you are contributing to a great user experience. 

Since the video is always based on the use of your site or profile, it becomes easier for an inexperienced visitor to familiarize himself with the interaction format. You may think it’s easy, but in reality, user refusals mean the opposite.

Make sure your audience feels itself an important part of your business (because they really are). Make brand acquaintance exciting and interesting, and the increase in conversion rates will convince you that you are on the right track. 

4. Subtitled Video

What are the main components of a video? Sound accompaniment, information load and dialogue with the viewer. The combination of these three elements allows you to create not only high-quality advertising, but also make it convenient for viewing in public transport or at work.

Adding subtitles promotes better communication between the seller and the buyer, because all explanations are presented on the screen or monitor. Brief but obvious descriptions will bring you closer to your audience, which will appreciate this bold move.

5. Social Media Content

The popularity of social platforms makes it necessary to create compelling offers and place them on your business pages. This promotion option turned out to be the most informative and effective for companies. Content popularity is related to: 

  • use of statistical data in other marketing campaigns; 
  • obtaining information about your audience, which already trusts you; 
  • ease of posting information about goods and services. 

Videos on different platforms bring results if you find an approach to your audience. 

Young customers are more likely to contact one network, while an older audience is interested in completely different types of services. Additionally, businesses are achieving greater success by implementing elements of conscious advertising, like social responsibility and inclusivity, into their videos as they resonate with today’s socially conscious consumers. These factors should not only be taken into account but also included in the promotion strategy.


Video advertising is the future of the company, because in this way contacts are created and communication is established. Disregard for modern trends is unacceptable. Create ads wisely and increase your profits! 

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