You’ve been spending a lot of time at home, but you miss the fun and thrills of casinos. It’s tempting to try out an online casino game, but are they safe?

There’s a lot of myths and misconceptions about how online gaming sites work, but the truth is, they’re just as safe as any other casino! You just need to be smart and find the right casino.

To find out more, keep reading to find some of the most common myths about online gambling—plus, the truth!

Online Gambling Is Illegal

If you’re new to the online gambling industry, you might be nervous about doing something illegal. Don’t worry though, as this is a common myth.

Online gaming isn’t illegal in the US, as there are no federal laws that ban it. However, you will find that many online sites are registered overseas, but they must adhere to that country’s laws about gambling.

So, you’re free to play online without breaking any laws!

Underage Kids Can Gamble Online

Anyone with a mobile phone can play online poker games, right? Not so fast—online gaming is as strict as real casinos when it comes to excluding children.

To create an online account, you’ll need to verify your ID, proving that you’re old enough to legally play.

You’ll Never Win

Does the house always win? Many gamers worry that online gaming sites are rigged so that players always lose.

This isn’t true, of course. As long as you play with a reputable company, like Betsoft gaming, your odds of winning are just as high as if you were in a real-life casino.

It would be extremely illegal and unethical if a gaming company stopped players from winning—plus, no one would stick around for very long!

If You Do Win, You Won’t Get Paid

If I win big, can an online casino refuse to pay me? This is another common myth, but again, it all comes down to selecting the right online casino.

Sadly a few scammers do exist and try to take advantage of players. But as long as your online gaming site is legitimate, then you’ll definitely get paid for your wins!

Most sites will ask for your payment details when you register, so cashing out should be easy.

Watch Out For These Common Casino Game Myths

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to gambling, so we hope these online casino game myths help you better understand how everything works.

To get started, research online casinos and find the right one for you, taking into account which games you plan on playing and any sign-up perks or bonuses for new members. Then, start having fun—we bet there’s a big win in your future!

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