If you have been considering a kitchen remodel lately, you’ll already know there’s a lot to think about… Finding a suite that looks stylish, and good quality, yet still within your budget, can sometimes be challenging, especially if there’s a specific style you are searching for. You also need to be mindful of the space you are working with, to ensure that you are getting the most out of it. Full remodels can take a lot of planning, but even small design changes to spruce up your kitchen, requires careful thought. Whether you are redesigning your kitchen, or making a few subtle changes, here are some styling tips that are worth thinking about.

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Color Scheme

Color trends come and go, but choosing more neutral tones can help you maintain a more timeless design. This doesn’t necessarily mean being bland, as you can always introduce bursts of more vibrant colors through accessories and artwork, if you want to. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a color scheme for your kitchen, is the size of the space: lighter tones can help to make smaller rooms feel bigger. However, you should also be aware that splashes and smears could easily stain your kitchen walls, particularly around the stove and sink, so darker tones might be best to hide those marks more effectively.


Tiles around your kitchen sink and stove are a must, as these areas are more likely to see splashes and spills than other parts of the kitchen. The tiles will make these marks much easier to clean, but they can also help to create character in the room, too. There are many types of tiles to choose from, to bring your design scheme to life. You should consider how your tiles will complement the overall color scheme in your kitchen. And always look for quality. A specialist tile store such as Italian Tiles Harrogate, can offer you great advice – they have a range of beautiful tiles to choose from.


When you are preparing food, it’s important to have enough light to see what you’re doing. Natural light is better for your eyesight, and also helps to make your kitchen feel more spacious, too. Skylights are a good option if you want to let in more natural light but don’t have the wall space for another window – they’re also ideal if other buildings around your home are blocking the light. Another advantage of skylights, is added ventilation in the kitchen.

When it comes to your electrics, choosing LED lighting in your kitchen could be the best kind of lighting available, as it is a bright and eco-friendly bulb choice. You can have ceiling spotlights for a stylish, modern effect, and perhaps even have some installed under your kitchen cabinets to illuminate your countertops more effectively.

While there are plenty of other points to consider when restyling your kitchen, remember these tips to help you achieve a timeless look that you’ll love.

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