Hair is important identity of a person. Alopecia or Baldness is a condition where hair loss occurs from the head or other parts of the body. It has a different effect on the temperament of people. A fall in the confidence of individuals is one major consequence of hair loss on individuals.

Here are some natural ways suggested by experts of hair transplant in Pune, to hide hair loss.

Head Wraps Hats & Turbans

They are the perfect cover up to hide baldness. It is also an excellent fashioning device that can be paired with almost any attire. They also have an added advantage of protecting the head from heat. Head wraps are recent innovations that have gained popularity over time. The use of these tools allows the flattening of hair, making it convenient to be styled perfectly.

Hats help a person to be less conscious about their hair and concentrate more on other things. It also reduces fidgeting with hair, which is one reason for hair loss. There are various types of hats available in the market. Sleep caps,  winter hats with soft fabrics, sun hats with wide brims are some hats that can protect hair. They also have a soft, lightweight and breathable fabric.

Go For Shorter Hair Style

Long hair naturally gets weighed down, revealing the scalp. For men, it is ideal to cut the hair short to give it the feathering effect. The ends of the hair cover each other so that the scalp also will be concealed. Shorter hair creates the impression of having more volume as it is not weighed down.

Women can add more layers to their hair to make it look voluminous. Strategic layers give the impression of more thickness to thinning hair. More layers around the face with a fuller back create the best impression. However, it is more ideal to go to a stylist and to get an expert opinion regarding this.

Go For A Deliberate Shave

One best way to hide baldness is to opt for a counterintuitive method. Bald hair is regarded as a style that many find attractive. Use an electric razor to trim the hair very short. Then use a razor to completely shave the head. However, it is also important to protect the scalp using sunscreens or hats. As the scalp is more exposed to the sun, there are more chances for skin cancer.

A Shaven head is easy to manage and free from scalp problems like dandruff and head lice.  It also aids in the growth of denser hair in the future. Even though it is men who usually go for shaving heads, many women are opting to do the same nowadays.

Divert The Attention

Diverting the attention to a different feature on the face is a good way to forget about baldness. Men can grow facial hair which will take away attention from the hair on the head. A well kept beard with a shaved head will aid in bringing out the classic look in a person.

Women can also try to highlight other features of their face to divert the baldness of their head. Try out styles which does not involve too much attention to hair. Wear accessories like big earrings and bright lip colors that give more attention to them.

Blow Out & Choose A Style

It is all about how you manage the baldness. Thinning hair can be made to look denser by blowing it out with the proper styling devices. Blow dry the hair with a dryer and comb it upwards from the beginning of the root.  Use a round brush and dry it in the opposite direction to where the hair naturally falls.

Pulling in more hair to the bald side of the head also helps to hide the baldness. it is important to understand the nature of baldness. Bangs and  Hair partitions help to hide receding hairlines.


There are a lot of props available to help hide the thinning of hair. Hair extensions, toppers and wiglets give an instant add on to the length and volume of the hair. They are easily available in the market in varying textures and styles. It is also easy to use them and they cause zero damage to natural hair.


Hair loss is a natural phenomenon and happens in every human being. There are cases where hair loss cannot be effectively concealed.  It is important to accept this fact and be confident about oneself.  Teach yourself that baldness is not the end of the world and there are better things to take care of, says the experts of hair transplant in Pune.

And with so many treatments available out there with such ease even while sitting at home, you can easily get the hair loss problem treated with the help of health experts. If you are looking for a health professional to consult regarding the problem, one of the easiest ways in the digital world is to reach out to the best digital healthcare platforms like Numan, where a team of health experts and clinicians would guide you at every step of the treatment. Check out This Site to know more about their services.

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