Kitchens are the heart of every home. Unfortunately, because of its central location, kitchen countertops often become the dumping ground for everything from an army of spice jars to the pile of mail you meant to sort through last week.

Maintaining a clutter-free counter can seem impossible with gadgets like coffee pots, blenders and daily essentials vying for space. However, with some clever storage solutions, you can streamline your kitchen so it is as sleek and organized as your THOR refrigerator. Use the following tips and hacks to reclaim your countertop and transform your kitchen into an efficient, enjoyable space.

Use Wall-Mounted Organizers

Wall-mounted organizers not only declutter your kitchen counters, but also turn your tools and ingredients into part of your kitchen’s décor, making everything you need beautifully accessible.

Start by installing shelves or hooks just above your countertops to keep essentials like spices, utensils and paper towels within easy reach but off the counters. Consider a magnetic strip for knives and metal tools, freeing up valuable drawer space. For frequently used pots and pans, a hanging rack above your kitchen island or sink is a stylish display and a practical solution for storing cookware.

Invest In Appliance Packages

Choosing the perfect appliances can transform both the look and functionality of your kitchen. Modern appliances, like those found in the THOR appliance package, are designed with space-saving features that reduce your need for additional gadgets that can clutter your counters.

For example, an oven that offers multiple functions like baking, roasting, steaming and even air frying eliminates the need for smaller appliances you would typically store on your counters. A matching microwave oven that can be mounted inside your cabinetry means you’ll have access to more countertop space.

As a bonus, kitchen appliance packages are designed to create a sleeker, more cohesive look, giving your food prep space a more streamlined and visually appealing appearance.

Optimize Your Cabinet StorageOptimize Your Cabinet Storage

One of the main reasons kitchen counters become cluttered is because you lack dedicated storage for all your kitchen and household items. Maximizing the usable space in your kitchen cabinets means you can keep what you need within easy reach without letting it take over your precious countertop space. Some cabinet storage ideas include:

  • Pull-out cabinets. Install pull-out cabinets or drawers for easy access to pots, pans, and other bulky items. These can be customized with organizers for utensils or cookware, making everything easy to find and reach.
  • Toe-kick drawers. Make use of the space at the bottom of your cabinets, near the floor, by installing toe-kick drawers. These are great for storing flat or rarely used items like baking sheets, serving trays or even linens.
  • Under-counter appliance lifts. For heavy appliances like stand mixers, consider an appliance lift that tucks away under the counter. This keeps your counters clear and your appliances out of sight but easily accessible with a simple pull.
  • Integrated bins for sorting waste. Incorporate pull-out bins for trash, recycling and compost under the counter. This not only saves space but also helps keep your kitchen clean and organized.
  • Wine or beverage fridge. A small wine or beverage fridge can fit neatly under the counter, providing easy access to drinks without taking up valuable refrigerator or countertop space.
  • Sliding shelf for small appliances. Install a sliding shelf or an appliance garage or a pull-out cabinet for small appliances like coffee makers, toasters, or blenders. This allows you to keep these appliances handy without cluttering the countertop.
  • Hanging racks for cleaning supplies. Use the inside of cabinet doors to hang racks or holders for cleaning supplies, such as spray bottles and sponges, keeping them out of sight but within easy reach.
  • Vertical storage for cutting boards and baking sheets. Use dividers to create vertical storage spaces for cutting boards, baking sheets and cooling racks, making them easy to store and access.
  • Under-sink drawer organizer. Transform the space under your sink with a drawer or pull-out organizer to neatly store cleaning supplies, dish soap, and other kitchen essentials.
  • Spice drawer. Convert a shallow cabinet drawer into a spice organizer. This can be done with custom inserts or simple spice jars that fit neatly into the space, making your spices visible and easy to access without the need for a countertop spice rack.

Get Creative With Nooks & Crannies

Every kitchen is full of hidden, underutilized spaces just waiting to be discovered and put to good use. Take a moment to really look around your kitchen. You might find narrow gaps between appliances, awkward corners or empty walls that could be transformed with a bit of creativity.

Try adding slim shelving rolling shelving units next to your refrigerator, perfect for spices, cooking oils, or canned goods. Or place hanging baskets in an unused corner to hold fresh fruits or vegetables.

If your kitchen counter is a catch-all area for letters, bills, keys and wallets, try creating a command center on one of the empty walls or a small section of your countertop. Use a magnetic board, corkboard or a set of hooks and baskets to keep everything organized. Designate a spot for mail, another for keys and maybe a small tray for wallets and sunglasses. This way, you’ll have a dedicated space that keeps all these essentials easily accessible but off your kitchen surfaces.

Integrate Technology Smartly

When the heat in the kitchen gets too hot, many homes resort to rotating fans to supplement their home’s AC. Tabletop appliances simply push warm air around and take up valuable real estate on your kitchen counters. Ditch the fans this summer and install a small, unobtrusive MRCOOL mini split. This innovative cooling solution offers efficient temperature control without encroaching on your precious counter space.

It features a minimal indoor handler unit that mounts on the wall blending in with any kitchen aesthetic, ensuring your space remains both stylish and comfortable. The MRCOOL is also DIY-friendly. With pre-loaded refrigerant, simply secure it to the wall brackets and plug it in, and it is ready to work keeping your kitchen cooler.

Bringing It All TogetherBringing It All Together

Decluttering your countertop doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style or functionality. By implementing these clever storage hacks, you can create an organized and inviting kitchen. The key to a decluttered kitchen is finding storage solutions that work for your lifestyle and making the most of every inch of space — your countertops included.

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